Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Table for the Porch at Birdsong Cottage...

Good morning! 

This is going to be the year of sprucing up the porch out at Birdsong Cottage. We have most of the furniture that we will need, all of it needing a LOT of sprucing up, but the only thing that we were missing was a table.

On a trip to SuzAnna's with my sister-in-law while Mr. Perch was away, I did manage to find the perfect glass-topped table that met the requirements of what we were looking for, namely, something made of a durable material so that it could stay outside during the winter, look "cottage-ish" and seat four. So imagine my excitement when the seller said I could have it for $150 instead of the listed price of $249 because I shop there a lot, and that she would hold it till I could send hubby some photos of it. He liked it, so I went back last week and paid for it, and we picked it up the other day. I will paint it up and do something with the vinyl cushions, but am not sure yet exactly what we are going to do with the porch color-wise, so in the meantime, here it sits in our garage. Such a deal!!

I can't wait to get started!!!

Have a wonderful day.

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