Sunday, May 31, 2015

Flowers in my Herb Garden

Happy Sunday to all! Last year I decided that I had hardly used some of the herbs that I had planted in my herb garden. When we widened some of the flower beds and relocated the Iris and Daylilies that were growing near the pine trees and weren't doing well, I decided to move some plants to my herb garden as well. So this year I planted only the herbs that we really like to use. Here are some photos of this section of the yard.

C'mon now, you didn't really think that you'd escape garden pictures this year, now did you?

The herb garden is at the center of our
In the middle is my sweet vintage
spinning garden ornament.
It is a cat chasing a bird,
who is flying after a mouse.
I did a post on it a few years ago when
I bought it at an antique shop.
To the right of the kitty the first of my daylilies are in bloom,
a huge clump of deep yellow, 
which adds some zing to the garden,
especially when shady, as it is in the morning.
(Behind this area is the Iris and Daylily
garden that we widened the bed for
last spring.)
In the front you can see my basil plants,
 thriving right along with the other
daylilies, which are budding but
not yet in bloom...

Last fall I bought a pot of Asiatic Lilies
and another of cone flowers,
both in autumn colors, 
which were being marketed for the
season (from Walmart). 
I sat them on the front porch after 
buying them.
Though I have pretty good luck with
lilies, I never do with cone flowers.
Once fall comes, I am ready to do
other things besides gardening,
so I just sat both pots in the middle of
the herb garden for lack of a better place,
 since it was getting close to the time to 
decorate for Christmas.
They thrived in the pots over the winter
and spring,
and you can see the orange lilies on the 
left and the rusty cone flowers
to the right.
I might transplant them after they bloom,
but then again I may not!...

Here are my chives,
which come back year after year,
currently with the prettiest of blooms.
They got so bushy I had to put a little
trellis there to keep them from toppling 
over on my daylilies...

And here is parsley and sage
growing in front of the daylilies.
"Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme"
says the song. 
I do also have the rosemary and thyme,
along with oregano, in here somewhere.
When I need them for a recipe,
I will find them!...

I was really glad that I mixed the flowers
into my herb garden for this year.
They give the garden that cottage look
with a pleasant mix of foliage and blooms.
They all seem to be happy together,
and so am I!!

By the way, I also use oregano
and thyme as a ground cover in
sections of my other gardens, 
along with rosemary as bushes.
They live all year here during our
moderate winters,
and one can never have too many herbs.
You don't need to have an herb garden
to eat well!

What are you growing in your gardens this year?

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Another visit to a favorite shop...

Hello and how are you?

While we were in Florida we had a couple of days there after the kids had to leave, so we drove up to my favorite shop in the area, Retro Rosie and Cobwebs, next town up in Bradenton. You can see my earlier post on this wonderful place here.

I was sad to hear that Nancy, the previous owner whom I had known for years, had retired, but I am so glad for her. There are various vendors in there now, but it is still a wonderful shop and I did manage to come home with some goodies, which I will show you on a future post.

In the meantime, here are some of the photos that I took while I was there. Eye candy for anyone who loves vintage art and decorating materials!

This vendor shared my enthusiasm for
old photos and trinkets...

I love the way she simply tied these old
photos around these vintage jars.
And she used the originals!...

She made these little tags from some
of the photos, simply tied them with twine,
and packaged them for sale two in a 
cellophane package...

She also had a lot of space in the outdoor
Mr. Perch was patiently waiting for me
outside, or I would have taken a lot more
time to rummage...

Back inside, I commented on the way 
she grouped all of the old photos.
She said: "This is nothing. You should see
what I have in my house!"
Sounds like me... 

Another vendor still had the vintage wedding stuff
that was sold at the original Rosie's,
whose original owner has since passed away...

And coming down a side street on our way out,
I spotted this critter dining on someone's porch.
I mentioned it to Mr. Perch,
who thought I had surely lost it.
What do you think?

Have a great day!

Friday, May 29, 2015

Back from Florida, and some photos of my children and grandchildren...

Hello sweet friends! We are back from Florida and had a great time camping. Though I am in the midst of doing laundry and such, I thought I'd take a few moments to share a some photos with you.

Below is my son Chris on the left,
daughter Kym on the right,
holding Avery
(my granddaughter from Chris)...

I am on the right below...

Below Jordyn is on the right
(my granddaughter from Kym)
with her friend Colby on the left...

I love this photo taken under one of the
water features.
That's Tanner in front
(my grandson from Kym),
with his sister and Colby in back...

It was so cute. 
After the boys went in the pool for awhile,
Jason, (my grandson from Chris)
pointed to Tanner and said 
"he is my best friend"...

We camped there with my daughter's family,
and my son and his family came down for the day.
There was plenty for the kids to do,
and the older ones loved the very large
water slide.
The name of the campground is
Sun N Fun, in Sarasota,
if you're ever down that way. 

I did not include the other adults in this post,
(spouses and my dad)
as I didn't think they'd appreciate my putting their
photos "out there",
but unfortunately my own kids will have to live with it!

Have a great evening!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Going on a camping trip!

Heading to Florida to do some camping
with my family over the long weekend,
and then some!

Hope you like this old photo. 
(That's me on the right
showin' them how to toast 

Have a great holiday weekend,
and by all means use this photo in your art if you would like.

I have the original!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Beautiful Digital Images to Purchase

Hello! I'm sorry that I've been absent for a little bit, but we were up at our mountain place and just got back. We've undertaken a huge project up there that will likely keep us busy for much of the summer, but more of that to follow in a future post. I promise!

Before we left I purchased some images from Ireland Rose Nostalgia on Etsy. There you can find a lovely selection of photos perfected by the owner, who is lovely to work with, and sold for a very reasonable price. You can find her shop here.

I have bought images from her in the past, but wanted to give you a sample of the ones that I recently purchased. Below you can see that I have already printed them out onto fabric, and they await being incorporated into some pretty pieces of fabric art. I have already chosen the quotes that I will use with them.

I love the muted coloring in these two beach photos.
The lady is just beautiful.
I wonder what she was thinking when this
photo was taken.
And the children in the other photo are just simply
the most adorable. 
I wonder what their day was like way back when...

The little girl with her two dogs is so cute,
and I especially love her dress.
I can't wait to use some coordinating
matching fabrics on this one...

Be sure to check out her shop! 
You'll be glad that you did.


Have a wonderful evening!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Pieces of Old: Beautiful Cutter Crazy Quilts

Hello to all!

If you follow this blog, you know that I collect cutter quilts. You likely know that because there are so many old quilts out there that are beyond repair or stained in certain spots, they are cut down so that they can be reused in some other creation.

Imagine my excitement when recently I saw this batch of pieces of crazy quilts. They came from five different quilts, and the sections that I have show no problems. I hope that you love the beautiful stitching on these as much as I do, and appreciate the time that it must have taken to make them.

This was the first one, 
done all in the same color scheme.
I wonder who the people were
whose names appear on the quilt.
The stitching is wonderful...

There were two very large pieces of this second one.
The embroidery stitches are stunning, large and fairly thick.
The colors are gorgeous and the fabrics beautiful, 
mostly silks and satins...

This next one was done with more modern fabrics
and smaller embroidery stitches.
It is very bright and less subdued
than most vintage crazy quilts that I normally see,
but still beautiful...

This was a small piece with lovely fabrics, 
and again, beautiful stitching...

This last one is another lovely piece,
not yet completed, 
and still showing its basting stitches in some areas,
but the best part... that the creator's needle and thread was still in it!
I find myself wondering what happened to this lady 
before she finished it...

Oh, the stories that these pieces could tell.
If only they could speak. 
Quite honestly,
I will have to give some careful thought
as to what I will do with them,
and how their creators' goals
can best be served.

Many thanks for coming by!

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Bringing some flowers to you today...

Good morning friends.
In our gardens the Iris have begun to bloom, so here are some for you!

Couldn't resist closeups of these
two beauties...