Saturday, May 20, 2017

Vintage Photos: Girls in Mary Jane Shoes and Little Patriots

Here are some sweet photos that I recently
added to my collection.


I thought this little girl was so sweet
holding her precious teddy bear.
I love the striped dress that she is wearing,
and thought that a copy of this one would
be good to experiment with a little photo tinting on,
perhaps coloring the stripes on her dress.
She is wearing Mary Jane shoes...

...just as are the little darlings in this one...

And, of course, how could I resist adding the two below to my
collection of patriotic photos.
Don't you just love the baby sitting in front of the flag?...

But my favorite of the four has to be this one.
Do photographers stage this way anymore?
Not to the best of my knowledge. How sad.
I wonder if these children were new to America
when it was taken...

By the way, the glittered stars seen in the photos above
were from the Fourth of July decorating section of Hobby Lobby.
They are stickers that range in sizes from
1-2 inches and came in a bag of 180 for $5.99.
So much cheaper than buying embellishments
in the scrapbook aisle.


We are planning to leave soon for The Wren's Nest,
so you may not hear from me for a bit.

Have a great day!

Friday, May 19, 2017

Blue Morning Glories

"Morning glory is the best name,
it always refreshes me to see it."

I have always loved morning glories.
Some years back we planted seeds along the lattice
that surrounds the access to our septic system.
Who wants to look at an access point to a septic system, anyway?
They grew really well there,
and re-seeded for several years after that.
However, at the end of the summer we ended up with dead vines
covering the lattice, and they were very hard to remove.
As we changed the focus of our garden spaces,
we did away with the morning glories.

Fast forward to the present.
The arbor that we have on the side of the house needed some attention.
The two climbing roses that grew over it,
seen in this post no longer bloomed,
likely because of the lack of light over the past couple of years.
So, after deliberating for a year, we finally decided to dig them out.
They were loaded with thorns and grew very fast,
so walking under the arbor was a pain in the neck
(or should I say a thorn in my butt!),
and decided to replace them with the morning glories seen above.
I couldn't believe that we found some already grown in pots
(Lowes garden center),
and in such a beautiful shade of blue.
We have planted one on each side of the arbor.
I will let you know if they work out,
since there may not be enough sun for them either,
but if they don't, we'll try something else.

Have a great day, friends!

Monday, May 15, 2017

Decorating for the Summer: A Patriotic Theme (Part 2)

Hello, and welcome to our great room
and dining area!

Continuing with yesterday's post,
here is our dining space...

The towels on the primitive ladder
were purchased at Hobby Lobby last week,
and replaced the beige and black ticking stripe
ones that I usually keep there...

I also bought the runner at HobLob,
and love the stars on it...

On the sideboard is a wooden plate which
had been painted by the artist mom of one
of hubby's son's friends,
along with some old transferware that I had.
The twiggy garland is also from HobLob...

Mr. Billy the Goat stands watch over our
fireplace most of the year.
Since the background is black, I didn't want
to use any navy blue here, so a minimal dose
of red seemed right.
This is the second year that I have put out
the little jars with (fake) flowers in them...

I've had the silver-glittered stars since I-
but they seemed right to dress up the
red ribbon that has white stars on it...

Well, I wish you could come over and see it in person.
We could have some sweet tea and cookies!

Have you done any summer or patriotic decorating this year?

Decorating for the Summer: A Patriotic Theme (Part 1)

Happy Monday friends!
This year I decided to decorate some of our spaces for the
summer in a patriotic theme.
It's been a while since I've dragged out
my red and blue stuff
so in light of some of the bizarre things going on
in the world (and in our own country),
I wanted a reminder of what we are supposed to be about.


I love to decorate our small entryway
for the seasons...

You may recall that this is part of an old
fireplace surround that I purchased when
I lived in Florida.
It actually came from an old house in
North Carolina,
and here it is back in its rightful state!
The flag banner was a cheapy from
Walmart that I spotted a few weeks ago,
and the mantel is topped with old
architectural salvage and a pitcher,
all of which I have had for a while...

Though I don't decorate with a lot of primitives
anymore, they feel at home in a patriotic
theme, and these I have also had for a while.
They were purchased in a shop in
Micanopy, Florida and made
by a couple of different
They are standing on the galvanized
milk box that I stand our little
farmhouse Christmas tree on.
I love the tinsel "sparklers"
that the big guy is holding!

If I were a REAL artist,
I would want to create works
with facial details such as these...

I don't want this post to be too
picture heavy,
so tomorrow I'll bring you
part 2 of my summer decorating.

Until then...

Sunday, May 7, 2017

An Almost-Black Tall Bearded Iris, and an Oddity!

Happy Sunday my friends!

This weekend finds us having some unseasonably cool weather, but since I am trying to cut back all the spent Iris plants in the garden to free up airspace for the getting-ready-to-bud daylilies, I won't knock the cool air that Mother Nature has provided!

I wanted to share this beautiful Iris that I purchased from Schreiner's (you can find them here) and planted in the fall. I am so attracted to almost-black flowers, and this is such a dark purple that it is almost black, even the insides. I did actually buy a few that were labelled as really being black, but they did not bloom yet. Perhaps they will not even bloom until next year, but that is OK.

 I took these photos earlier this morning
when the blooms were still covered
with droplets from the sprinkler...

It was pretty bright outside when I took these,
so you can see just how dark they are.
At a slightly different angle,
in this photo is takes on a bluish cast...

Another close-up, looking dark purple

Sadly, my identifier stake states it is something
that I don't think it is.
Not sure if I mislabeled it, as there were 20
in my order (yes, 20!), including some freebies,
 so anything might have happened.
Who cares? I still love it!

An speaking of something that is not what I thought it would be, the photos below are of something that has leaves that look like a daylily, but blooms that certainly don't.

This was a new daylily that I ordered last spring (2016).
The label is currently hiding underneath somewhere,
but I know that I planted it as a daylily.
It has such pretty flowers but I have no idea what it is.
Perhaps something was mixed in with the daylily
start when it arrived.
Again, a very pleasant surprise,
whatever it is!...

Here is a close-up.
It has been blooming for more than a week...

So, here's to the beauty of unknown and beautiful oddities.
May you flourish wherever you are!

Thanks for coming by!

Monday, May 1, 2017

Beautiful Iris: What's In a Name Anyway?

Hello friends!

If you follow this blog, you know that I am pretty diligent about keeping up with tags that identify each plant in my gardens, particularly my daylilies and iris plants. However, every once in a while, I purchase a pretty addition to my garden that is a cutting from someone else's garden, sold to our local garden center, and was not identified. I can't resist buying these any more than one would refuse to adopt a cute puppy just because she didn't know his heritage. And sometimes the tags just disappear altogether.

This one was blooming at The Nest while we
were up there last week.
It wasn't doing well in our garden at home
last year,
so I divided it, left half home,
and moved a section to The Nest in
the fall.
How beautiful it turned out to be,
a pretty shade of yellow...

...with such pretty markings that are a
brownish plum...

I took this photo up close just because
the inside was so beautiful...

I bought the one below yesterday at the garden
center. It only had one bloom one it,
with a couple of buds,
but is just beautiful and very mature
with several fans on it... I will likely divide it before putting it
in the ground this week,
and give a section to my sister-in-law
for her garden...

It is similar to the one below which
is already growing in the garden...

And, since I am partial to the blues,
I must share the one below,
also blooming in the garden here.
The identifier stake is somewhere
underneath it.
Iris tend to send their new growth outward
so often the markers tend to disappear,
and then resurface when I dig them out
to divide every three years or so...

With this kind of beauty,
unless you plan on hybridizing iris
it doesn't really matter what their names are,
now does it?!!

Have a beautiful day.