Thursday, April 30, 2015

Mixed Media Canvas Collages: Spreading Joy and Cherishing Today

Happy Thursday and I hope that you're having a great day! Recently I was dabbling with some mixed media canvasses using vintage photos and acrylic paints (shared in previous posts), and I created these two sweet pieces.

"Spread Joy"

I enjoyed playing with this canvas, 
collaging a sweet photo of this pretty
little girl which I tinted with a little bit
of acrylic paint.
I added a bird, little words,
and some lovely old lace...

...after building up layers of of acrylic paints
in neutral colors for the background...

...along with some patterned papers and vintage
sheet music...


"Cherish Today"

I used a similar process for this one,
substituting pretty fibers and a vintage mother
of pearl belt buckle for lace...

I couldn't believe that in one of my vintage children's books
I found words to a poem called "Hoop Song".
How lucky was that!

Both of these pieces are for sale in my Etsy shop.


Have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Fabric Collage: Our Brothers and Sisters

Hello there! I recently purchased this beautiful old photo of a sister and her two brothers in their adorable sailor suits, so of course I couldn't wait to create something with it. 

"Our Brothers and Sisters are There with Us"

For this one I used satins and velvet
in beautiful shades of aqua...

...along with vintage laces
and old buttons...

...and a wonderful quote
accented by beautiful old vintage velvet ribbon
and a worn mother of pearl belt buckle...

The collage is completely hand stitched,
and sewn to linen burlap.
This piece is now listed in my Etsy shop.

Many thanks for coming by!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Fabric Collages: Remembering Childhood and Family Faces

Hello dear friends! I have created two more fabric collage pieces. My creative spurt is running rampant. I wonder how long this trend will last! Ha!

"What we Remember from our Childhood"

You may remember this lovely old photo from my
having used it my art book that was published in 
"Sew Somerset" last winter.
My post about it can be seen here.
I absolutely adore this little girl and her dog,
so I just had to use it again... 

This one was done in all neutrals,
and, of course, old lace and mother of pearl buttons...

...with a beautiful quote that rests on
a thick piece of vintage brown velvet...


"Family Faces are Magic Mirrors"

You may also remember my post, seen here,
about the beautiful girls in this photo,
so I knew I just had to use it again...

Lately I have been enjoying playing with color,
but, of course, I will always love my neutrals...

The two pieces are both sewn onto linen burlap, 
and are now for sale in my Etsy shop.

Have a wonderful day!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Fabric Collages: Family and Home

Hello everyone. I hope that you are having a great day! The sun is actually shining here in NC, so what could be wrong with that?

I have created two more fabric collage pieces.

"Family is God's Gift to You"

The inspiration for this piece came from this lovely old
photo that I have had for awhile. 
It depicts a group of people lakeside,
and makes me want to believe that it was taken
during a large family reunion.
It seems like those are rare anymore in today's world.
For this one I again used silky fabrics,
and since I imagined this was a nice summer day,
I used shades of teal and turquoise,
with a touch of
burgundy and deep pink...

I couldn't resist the flower trim
and this quote...

...along with this vintage lace that makes me think of leaves...


"Home is Where One Starts From"

The center point of  this one is a 
beautiful piece of an old cutter ruffled log cabin quilt,
done in silks and velvets.
I built the collage around it by
adding a photo...

...of a group of people sitting on the steps 
of a front porch.
I thought that the photo complimented
the pattern of the quilt.
I also added fabrics that matched the 
piece of quilt,
along with some floral trim   
edged in gold...

I finished it off by adding these beautiful
vintage carved mother of pearl buttons, 
which I thought added to the summer 
day's theme...

And, of course, how could I not use this perfect quote!...

Both collages were completely hand stitched,
and sewn onto 18-count linen.

I have just listed these in my Etsy shop.

Thanks for coming by today!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Mother's Day fabric collage, and my new Etsy shop!

Good afternoon, my dear friends. I can't believe that I've been away from this blog for so long, but we just got back from ten days up at Birdsong Cottage, having gone up there to open it for the season and to do some other things, which will be news for a future post.

In honor of Mother's Day, which is right around the corner, I have completed a few fabric collage pieces.

"Mothers are the Most Instinctive 
of Philosophers"

I have a few studio photos that were taken
in Victorian times of children in rowboats.
I loved it when I came across this one that
also included the mother,
so I couldn't resist using it in this 
Mother's Day piece... which I incorporated silky fabrics,
velvet ribbon, lace...

...and a beautiful...

...vintage rhinestone button. 
This piece, as with the ones that follow,
are hand-sewn together to 
18-count linen burlap,
which I have started to use and love.
It has the texture of linen,
the look of burlap,
and of course, no bad odor!
I love this quote...


"Being a Mother"

The next one is in shades of pink,
again using silky fabrics...

...a beautiful photo of a mother and her children...

...vintage lace...

...and vintage mother of pearl buttons...


"Mothers Hold Their Children's Hands"

This last piece depicts a mother and 
her beautiful little boy in his sailor suit... is in silky blue fabrics,
navy blue velvet
old lace...

...and of course incorporates more
vintage mother of pearl buttons,
some lovely trim...

...and a beautiful quote...


If you hadn't already guessed, I have opened an Etsy shop, which you can visit through my sidebar. I have wanted to open one for quite some time, but never had the time. I actually opened it awhile ago, and have been making things to put into it, but just haven't had the time to do the actual listings. A little bit of fear goes with this small venture as well. The big question, of course, is "Who would want to buy this stuff anyway?" I have some other things to list, but as of now, the above pieces are currently for sale.