Thursday, September 24, 2015

Simply Neutrals Tuesday #3: Two Old Rakes

Hello! I hope that you're having a great week, and your fall has gotten off to a great start. Even though it's Thursday, I am going to join Wen's Simply Neutrals Tuesday party (Phoebe come lately!). You can check out her beautiful blog and great linky party here.

For quite some time I've been searching for a vintage wooden rake, and finally purchased two! Found on eBay, the opening bid was only $21.00 for the pair, and believe it or not I was the only bidder! Even with the shipping cost, the total came to a lot less than I would have paid for even one in a flea market or antique sale.

Aren't they beauties!
Though they won't stay out here 
on the back deck,
I couldn't resist propping them up against
the post, surrounded by the Limelight Hydrangea,
now past it's prime,
and Fragrant Tea Rose. 
Kind of autumn-ish,
don't you think?

And I couldn't help but love the creative fashion
in which the seller packed them for shipping.
I sent him a nice note about how much I 
appreciated the work he put into it,
and he responded that in all his years of
selling on eBay, 
these were the trickiest to wrap.
Imagine that!!

Have you found anything great lately?


  1. Hello Sue
    Your vintage rakes are a beautiful addition to your garden!
    I can see how difficult they would be to pack up for posting - the seller did a great job!
    Lovely to meet you at Wen's party.
    I love your blog name and I'm just off to have a good read through your previous posts!
    Shane x

    1. Hi Shane! Thanks for reading my blog. I enjoy reading yours too and will also have to do some catching up! So glad we met at Wen's party! XO

  2. Sue, i love your old rusty rakes. I found a wonderful old rusty fork the other day, in a throw-away junk pile. It has 5 prongs, which is good for moving mulch. It's heavy though - luckily my kids and hubby dig in to help (with a few incentives!) as we have a huge pile to move at the moment!

    1. You were so lucky with your find! I know what you mean about moving mulch as I've been doing a lot of that myself this reason for not much creative or blog time. Well, I guess working in our gardens is a form of creating, at least most of the time! XO

  3. P.S. Sue, your blog background is so earthy and natural, I love it!

    1. Well, thank you so much. I can't take any credit for it, though, as I had a "pro" create it for me. Computer stuff is not my strong suit, if you know what I mean! Hugs!

  4. Great find Sue! They look wonderful in your beautiful autumn garden. The Hydrangeas may be past their prime already, but they're still beautiful. I love when their blooms are going to decay and you get these gorgeous skeleton leaves. Thank you for joining the party again! Wishing you a beautiful day and sending you hugs, xx

    1. Thanks, Wen! My pleasure to have joined the party. Hugs back!

  5. What a wonderful find,Sue. They looks just right at home in your garden.
    Have a great Sunday.

    1. Thanks, Marie. I hope that you're having a great Sunday too! XO

  6. I couldn't resist taking a peek back in your blog Sue!
    What an awesome find!! I am not sure what you plan to do with them, but I just see them in the mud room or entry way on the wall, for coats or even dried flowers; etc~ Beautiful addition to your garden area~ Thanks for sharing. Karen O

    1. hi Karen. We are going to start changing some of the decor in our house, and the rakes will be hung on a wall somewhere. Not quite sure where yet! XO


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