Friday, December 11, 2015

A Season of Promise: The Christmas Cactus

The promise of Christmas is always signaled by the early December blooming of my beautiful Christmas Cactus. She is so happy in our downstairs guest room, which seems to receive exactly the right amount of light to suit her. She started off as a wee little plant purchased five or six years ago for pennies. She is now so huge that she takes up about one third of the dresser, where she proudly resides asking for not much more than a drink every so often and to be turned slightly now and then. She is my "miracle baby" because though I am an avid gardener, I don't have much luck with indoor plants, probably due to the lack of good light that we receive in this house.

That all of God's creations
would be so content,
and expect so little.


  1. Oh My Word! such a beautiful Christmas cactus Sue!!
    I have 2, one is tiny and scrawny and I don't think it will make it :l My larger one SEEMS healthy; but has not bloomed in almost 2 years. I was looking at yours and where you have it situated, and I think I need to give mine more light. I'll let you know! Take care friend~ Karen

    1. Mine gets morning sun, but not too much of a direct hit. I always leave the blinds open so that even after the sun shifts to the back of the house it is still getting nice light. It also blooms later in the year. I have heard that if you leave them in the same spot, their blooming is effected by the change in seasons ( changing from and to daylight savings time). Seems to work for this one!


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