Monday, April 10, 2017

Progress on my first junk journal...

Good morning and happy Monday! I hope that your week is getting off to a good start.

I have had very little time for crafting as I have been working a lot in the gardens, but as I mentioned recently, I am working on a junk journal. It is with a nature-inspired theme (prompted perhaps by all the yard work I have been doing!), and I've been picking away at it bit by bit, working one page at a time. It's much more labor intensive than working on greeting cards, but I'm enjoying using "stuff" that has been kicking around a while. I have not yet worked on the cover, but rather, I am just working on trying to plan my pages in some integrated manner.

Nothing I touch makes the cut without at least
a few vintage photos,
this one incorporated with words from
some vintage sheet music...

Sorry the next photo is sideways,
but I don't have time to fix it.
The ties holding the feather are on the back of the page...

...of the layout on left below.
Some scrapbook papers and a use for
an old rubber stamp that I hadn't used
in years.
Crinkled seam binding tied up in the corner...

...which shows on the next page below.
In the glassine envelope is a vintage Bridge
tally card purchased on eBay.
Some of these have lovely graphics,
especially the nature-themed ones,
and those from the art deco period of the 20s.
On the right is vintage ledger paper
along with the egg, which was from a
piece of scrapbook paper...

Some more ledger paper on left, with a page from an old
book covered with tulle and a paper flower,
with more scrapbook paper on the right...

Pretty young sisters from their First Communion or
Confirmation photo, and I gave them some paper daisies
to hold to match those in their hair,
a page from a vintage book,
and a rubber stamped quote and words on the

As with all collage, assembling items to work with
that will result in a cohesive theme is the hardest part,
but here are some things that I hope to work with next.
More sheet music, printouts from garden books,
vintage photos, and some lovely digital downloads
purchased on Etsy...

I am not one to keep journals myself, so the hardest part for me has been allowing room for someone else to journal and to not get overly carried away on the collaging of everything else that I love. I guess I'll see where this takes me!

I won't likely post for a bit now, as we are getting ready to open the place in the mountains and resume the work that we began last year before Bob's surgery. Until then,

Happy Creating!!


  1. Have a good time Sue,
    I love your journal, with so many beautiful pages. I wonder if you are getting my comments, as I always gets answer back ,that they can not deliver my comment ???? xox

    1. Hi Dorthe. I do get your comments. They are published after I moderate them which I must confess I don't always do fast enough. Other than that, I can't imagine what is happening. As always, I cherish hearing from you. Hugs!

  2. Hi Sue, this is beautiful! I love the combination of papers, laces, and images you are using to create it with. Spring is finally here - daffodils I planted in the fall are almost blooming! Hope you have a Happy Easter!

    1. Thanks Nancy! You have a Happy Easter too, and enjoy those daffies! XO

  3. I adore your nature journal, dear Sue. So very beautiful.
    Happy Easter.

    1. Thanks Marie! I hope that you had a wonderful Easter yourself!
      Hugs back!


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