Friday, August 24, 2012

Hello, and welcome to Miss Phoebe's Perch!

Hello, and welcome to my blog. By way of introduction, my name is Sue, and  I am thankful that you are spending some time with me on The Perch. I am a lover of all things vintage, and I enjoy incorporating old and timeworn things into my home, garden and mixed-media art. I also love to cook. I am starting this blog in the hopes that I can share ideas with you, and even better, that you will share yours with me.

Why "The Perch"? I guess that I think of it as a way of sitting down for a spell and observing what is going on around me. I think of it as a way of enjoying family, friends and nature. And as for "Miss Phoebe", I took this name from a bird. Eastern Phoebes are brown and white songbirds that sit upright on prominent, low perches, typically building their mud and grass nests in protected nooks on bridges, barns and houses. They will often reuse nests in subsequent years, so I guess that they are true "nesters", and I therefore liken them to those of us who feel that "all roads lead to home".

Summer finds me spending most of my time in my garden. Hubby supports me in my endeavor, though he often reminds me that silk flowers stuck in the dirt would be a lot less work! I love Summer, but towards the end of August I start looking forward to Fall, the holidays, and spending more time indoors cooking and crafting.

Since this gardening season is drawing to a close, I would like to share a picture of my personal favorite in our garden when it was looking its best (usually in June in this area). I will share some others at a later date.

Blue Hydrangeas
Enjoy the rest of your day!



  1. We had two round beds of blue hydrangeas in our very small front yard when I was growing up. This old post of yours, Sue, brought a smile to my face, and a tear to my eye.♥ xoxo

    1. Hi Pat! I know what you mean. A few years ago, before I moved here, I was looking at an old Victorian house for sale in the NC mountains. It was empty and needed about $100,000 in renovations to make it livable. But a circular clump of old hydrangeas was still struggling to survive in the middle of an overgrown horrible lot. I knew then that if nothing else, when I moved to NC I would have them in my own yard. I bought a different house, planted several of them, and a few years later when I married my husband, the poor guy got stuck digging them out and moving them here, where they survived beautifully. I guess they were meant to stay mine! Many thanks for appreciating this old post! XO


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