Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Painting Patio Furniture for the Porch at Birdsong Cottage

Hello and good evening! I hope that you're well.

This week we did a bunch of spring cleanup in the gardens, widened a flower bed, planted the herb garden, and transplanted a bunch of daylilies and irises that were not doing well where they were. While I was working in the newly widened flower bed we also dragged out the patio set that I recently bought for Birdsong. (You can see that post here.)

We parked the table and chairs in the woods, 
and I spray painted them with this.
Brilliant Metal Finish is very similar
to the Oil-Rubbed Bronze that I used
last summer on many things...

I started by placing the table and chairs upside down 
and painting the bottoms first...

...and after drying, turning right side up and painting the tops.
This picture shows the blue color that the set was when I bought it,
with some yellow of yesteryear's paint job also showing through.
Don't you just love the pretty design left on the drop cloth by...

...spraying the table top?...

I guess the "stencil" on the drop cloth is the
closest I've come to any kind of art lately!!

This is the last piece of furniture that we needed for the porch, so at some point I'll show you how it all comes together, if it ever does!!


  1. The furniture is pretty, Sue. Yes, I love the pattern on the drop cloth.
    Happy Easter to you, your hubby and your kitties!

    1. And I wish the same to you and yours, Julia! Thanks for coming by! XO


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