Sunday, December 21, 2014

Little holiday touches...

Happy Sunday! I hope that you are just about ready for Christmas. But are we ever really ready? 

Last January we completed giving our master bathroom a makeover, but since I had so much other decorating to do with my family coming to visit, I didn't think I would really bother decorating our bathroom, since no one but us really uses it anyway. As a matter of fact, I don't think I ever even showed it to you in its completed state (I will do that in a future post!). I promise.

The other day I ran into a new Dollar Tree store that had just opened. I couldn't believe all the nice things they had, so when I came home, my decorating-the-bathroom-spree took place in three minutes, and for three dollars, no less!

I fell in love with these little glittered deer
(two for a buck!)
and they now prance
below our shelf that sits over the tub...

And who could resist these glittered
snowflakes with bells?
(Also two for a buck!)

You can't decorate on a budget
for much less than that!!
Who can figure?

Have a wonderful evening, friends, 
and many thanks for coming by. 

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