Monday, December 29, 2014

My Family

Hello, dear friends.I hope that you all had a great Christmas with family and friends. I feel a little sad that it is over, and especially sad that my daughter and her family have returned to Florida. 

This was a pretty exciting Christmas for me as it is the first time that any family members besides my dad have come up here to spend Christmas with us. We usually celebrate early just prior to the holiday when we go down to Florida to pick up my dad and bring him back here for a few weeks. This year he was going to come up with my daughter, Kym, and her family,  but at the last minute he decided to stay home, worrying that the hours in the car would be too hard on him. I was sad about that, but we did have a few great days with the kids. 

Following are two priceless photos from Christmas morning.

Tanner, who is 7,
coming down the stairs that morning...

Jordyn, who is 12, after opening a gag gift.
Hubby cleaned out his closet before the 
holidays and found this old yellow touch tone
trim line phone, and thought we would have
some fun with the kids.
Jordyn absolutely loved it.
Either that, or she has already
learned the fine art of diplomacy!
We plugged it into one of our phone jacks
and called my dad (an old phone company
retiree) from it. 
It still worked!...

The day after Christmas we decided to take some nice family photos outside. I am posting my favorite, taken on our front porch.

Shawn, Kym
Santa, Tanner and Jordyn...

I hope that you got to take some great photos of your
own Christmas!
Time moves so quickly and the children change so fast. 

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