Monday, March 30, 2015

A visit to the garden center...

Good morning! I hope that your week gets off to a good start. 
If you read this blog, particularly in the spring and summer, you know that I love to garden. 
So, last week we took a trip over to our favorite local garden center,
Chris' Greenhouse and Garden Center,
We actually went to replace a few dead Juniper that grow
on our front hill,
but of course we also had to look at this season's
coming selections.


Geraniums in all colors.


...always my favorite 
for a pot on our front porch...

Annuals everywhere,
started from seedlings,
nurtured and loved 
in the hothouse...

until we buy them...

Even though it is still too cold to plant annuals,
these purple beauties...

...will be paired with our usual whites
in our deck's black window boxes outside
our screened porch...

I can already see this vision of 
loveliness in my mind's eye.
Are you having visions of your summer garden


  1. Hi Sue, I've bought only three purple alyssums so far this year. In our new home there is no perfect spot for flower pots. It's very windy and/or too sunny around the house.
    Thank you for your sweet comment! Did you get my email of March 31st? I'm only asking because in some cases my emails end up in spam folders or don't get through at all.
    Have a lovely weekend :)!

    1. Hi Julia! I did get your email, and thank you so much! I have been busy and apologize for not getting back with you. I hope that you had a great weekend. Hugs to you!

  2. I love this time of year! It looks like you are a bit ahead of our greenhouses here...usually around Mother's Day they are in full swing. Today, I had to put my winter coat on to go outside.

    1. Me too! But spring has been slow in coming, even to the south. Oh well, I guess we'll appreciate it even more when it does come! Hugs.


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