Friday, March 27, 2015

The Plum Tree Saga

Hello dear friends. 

A few days ago I was admiring the beauty of the blossoms on our plum tree and, knowing that they would soon be gone, I decided to have some fun with iPhone photo apps on one of the photos. Below is the result.

Here is the unedited photograph.
I loved the way the blossoms played against the
beautiful North Carolina sky. 
I framed it using VintaFrame...

For this one I used an app called DistressedFX.
I have had it for awhile, 
but since it is better used
on landscape photography,
I hadn't had a reason to use it.
Not only does it distress your photos with many 
different options,
but it also puts birds in the background
(and you know how much I love birds).
Can you see the birds flying "behind" the tree?
I then framed it with one of the options from 
the VintaFrame app...

For the version below,
I also used DistressedFX, 
but chose a different treatment,
and a different "flock" of birds.
It is a little hit and miss, because you can't 
put the birds where you want them
(unless you know something that I don't!).
I then used Snapseed for the frame. 

I've talked about some of these apps before.
Have you tried these or any others?
I'd love to know!


Have a wonderful weekend.

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