Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Wren's Nest: Saying Hello

We named her after the Carolina Wren.
The abandoned little nest in the picture above was
discovered while we were removing some
overgrown bushes in the back of our porch.
The nest had likely been there for awhile,
and it was so fitting that we found it.
We had considered a few different names
for our new (old) mountain getaway cottage,
but the discovery of this tiny nest
"sealed" the deal. 

Now you can probably guess why
we sold Birdsong Cottage.

Glimpses of The Wren's Nest...

Happy Sunday!


  1. what a wonderful find! your new home looks beautiful. enjoy!

  2. Oh- I love your new cottage. What fun you shall have there! Love the name, too. It's perfect- xo Diana

  3. Thanks, Diana! And thanks for visiting my blog. Hugs, Sue


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