Monday, August 3, 2015

A great class to take, and a beach photo to share...

Hello friends!

I thought that you might be interested an on-line class that is being taught by Suzy Quaife, "Peaceful and Pondering Fabric Lace Book". If you are not familiar with Suzy's beautiful fabric and lace books and collages, check out her blog and her class here. She is also holding a giveaway to include some of the beautiful materials that she uses in her stunning artwork. I have already signed up, and look forward to September 14th, when the class begins.


I may be absent from this blog for most of this month, since this summer has taken a "busy" turn. More on that later, but hopefully September will be a little less hectic. In the meantime, this late part of the summer seems to be portrayed in this lovely old photo which I recently purchased. Don't you just love Grandmother with her daughters and grandchildren having a nice day at the beach? I am not sure where it was taken, and wonder if the flags they are holding are country flags, or for something else. If you know, please drop me a comment. If you wish, save this photo to your computer and use it in some artwork!

Together by the sea
is our favorite place to be...

Do you have a favorite place?

Have a splendid evening!


  1. Thanks for sharing this lovely photo with us:)

  2. What a lovely photo!
    I know Suzy's class will do quite well! Hope you are enjoying your summer! :-)


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