Friday, March 18, 2016

Real Photo Postcards: The Patriots

Hello friends!

If you follow this blog, you know that I am a collector of patriotic photos. The early 20th century was all about patriotism, and some of the real photo postcards that you see from this era are wonderful. I recently purchased the ones below, and am putting them in my Etsy shop to be sold as digital downloads.

This first one is just so unusual.
It depicts a family sitting in a boat decorated with
American flags.
The family is all dressed up,
with the dad and son wearing sailor hats
and the young girl sporting a
big bow in her hair.
I love that their house is in the background.
It looks like this family is so proud of their creation,
and I like to think that it became a float in a 
Fourth of July parade...

Photos of gals dressed as Lady Liberty are getting hard to find,
and are expensive. 
I recently saw one auctioned off on eBay
with a winning bid of over $300.00. 
I felt lucky to find the one below for so much less.
And don't you love the little kids 
in the goat cart with the flag and the
"Made in America" sign?...

And this last one is so much fun. 
"Which, bonds or bondage?"
You have to love these women!...

With the patriotic holidays just around the corner,
I hope to use these and others that I own in some art.
Maybe you can too!


  1. Awesome Sue!!! Such cool vintage photo's. Thanks so much for sharing; I like the patriotic look~ Hugs to you, Karen O

  2. Oh this is so fun! Love it! I hope you had a Happy Easter!

    1. Hi Nancy. Thanks. I hope that you had a happy one as well! Hugs.


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