Sunday, March 13, 2016

What Has Been Keeping Us Busy: Part 2

Hello to all!

Here is another chapter in the "keeping busy" saga!

Trips to the garden center...

...though still a little early 
to put anything in the ground.
We will leave these sweeties in the 
hot houses where they belong for now...

I spent more time cleaning out the beds,
including the smaller daylily and iris garden...

...the larger rear daylily and iris garden...

...and the shade and fountain garden...

Hubby picked up large bags of garden soil.
I ordered daylilies from four different daylily farms
and I want to be ready for them when they get here.
Our soil here is naturally very bad,
so we don't dare plant anything without 
adding a bunch of good soil...

In absence of being able to actually plant anything 
in the ground yet, 
I did dig (pun intended!) into some of the MiracleGro
and started some pots...

...and these, from Walmart, are what they are.
Don't you love the names? 
Dahlia  Mom's (that would be me) Special,
Lily Forever Susan (that would also be me),
and Lily Salmon Star (not so much me!)...

And I would be remiss to mention that while I was tending to the
gardens, Mr. Perch was tending to the lawn
by putting down two applications of pre-emergent weed killer,
regular weed killer, and handling various other maintenance chores.


What have you been doing these days?


  1. I can tell you are all in spring mood, with all you are working on in the garden, It looks lovely, now, and will soon be ready for planting wonderful spring and summer beauties. I love mums, too, and the lillies are gorgeous !

    1. Thanks dear friend! Things are popping in the garden now and I am getting excited about the future blooms. We are to have cooler weather again this weekend, so we're taking advantage of these pretty days. Hugs!

  2. I like what you have selected and I cannot imagine that much greenery in March. Although, I have daffodils and tulips coming you know Michigan had a mild winter! Cannot wait to see them in bloom and your gardens after you get things planted!

    1. I'm glad you had a mild winter Nancy. We have been unseasonably warm, but it will not stay this way. I must say, I'm not ready for a hot southern summer quite yet! XO

  3. Hi Sue~ Great to see you are full of Spring energy! Your home will look lovely I just know it~ I did do some watering this past week-end; but like you, no planting quite yet! Wishing you & hubby the best Sue~ Karen O

    1. Thanks so much Karen! We are still playing it cautious also, as cooler weather is expected to return. It got to the mid 80s today, a little early to be so hot!

  4. Wow, the two of you have been so busy! Can't wait to see your beautiful garden in full bloom! Sending you big hugs, xx

    1. It will hopefully be blooming soon. Big hugs back to you! XO


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