Thursday, November 17, 2016

Fused: Double Exposure Video and Photo Blender

Good morning!

The other day while fiddling around with some Microsoft apps, I downloaded another free one. It is "Fused: Double Exposure Video and Photo Blender". You use it to merge two photos, almost so it looks like overlays, and you can then use it to blend the images together. They have backgrounds to choose from, or you can upgrade for a fee and purchase even more. But I decided to use my own background and diddled around a little just for fun.

Since winter is on the horizon, I decided to use the following two images, both of which I have shared with you previously.

I used this one for the background...

...and this one for the foreground...

This is the blend.
The words and frame were added with the KVADPhoto+
app that I talked about the other day.
Kind of pretty and was fast to do!...

Enjoy the season,
whatever it is!


  1. Oh Sue, you are truly the master in using all these photo apps ,this looks gorgeous, Maybe, I should try once after Christmas to see if I can find my way through it all :-)
    Hugs, Dorthe

    1. Thanks friend! I don't know much about being a master but it's fun to play when you have small blocks of time or you don't feel like pulling out a bunch of supplies to create "real" collage. Can't wait to see what you do down the road as you're so creative with EVERYTHING!! Hugs back!


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