Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Glimpses: Completing some art projects!

Hello to all! I hope that you're having a great day.

This year we will be having a very quiet Christmas, so I decided to take advantage of that with minimal decorating, and spent these last couple of days completing a few art projects that I had started last month. Here are a few glimpses of what I worked on, though I can't yet share more than this.

I actually worked on four related seasonal collage canvases.
I used some of the stuff I've been collecting for a while,
ribbon, fibers, a vintage key and label holder, and
some old sheet music...

...not to mention the usual vintage photo thrown in.
I love the mom and baby in her coat and hat sitting
on the porch on this cold winter day.

More pretty fibers, old glass buttons,
and a glimpse of another old photo and
a vintage typed letter...

Here are some vintage postage stamps
on top of old ledger paper,
with yet another photo barely peeking

 Yet another photo, this one on top
of a vintage love letter and its envelope.
This letter was actually sent many years ago
to someone one town over from where I live.
And of course, some velvet ribbon and lace...

At some point I will show you the completed versions of these.


Maybe I would be better off creating some Christmas cards this week.


  1. Dear Sue, your different started creations, looks very beautiful- and love the colors of softest pink ,I hope they make joy creating. Hope your husbond is doing better .

    1. Thanks Dorthe! Hubby is doing better and looking forward to walking around again, hopefully by Christmas. XO

  2. Oh I love the "glimpses" so pretty! I cannot believe it is December already. I owe you an email! Have a great weekend! HUGS! Nancy

  3. Hi Sue just popping in to wish you a really Happy Christmas although quiet - sounds just like us!
    You are creating some lovely little collages there and I love the use of all of your sweet vintage photos, stamps, ledger paper, love letters and lace.
    Hope to see more of your finished art in the New Year.

    1. HI Suzy! Quiet is not so bad! Thank you for your sweet words. Hope to have more art time in the New Year. I hope that you have a wonderful holiday and great New Year. Hugs back!

  4. Hi dear Sue,
    love the little glimpses of your art work. I want to see more of it:)Hope your hubby is doing fine.
    ( Just catching up on you )
    Sending big Christmas hugs,

    1. Thanks for coming by Marie. He is doing very well, and thanks for asking. Sending you Christmas hugs back!


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