Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Edwardian Postcards: Grete Reinwald

Hello to all and happy Tuesday!

Prior to the start of the holiday season, I was doing a search on Etsy for Edwardian seasonal postcards featuring children. I happened upon quite a few of one particular little girl who was just beautiful, and wondering who she was, I finally found some that were labeled with her name.

She was Grete Reinwald (May 25, 1902 – May 24, 1983), a famous German child model when she was young, who then went on to become a stage and film actress. She had the sweetest face when she posed for the postcards, so I couldn't resist buying a few, seen below, and will hopefully use them in some future art pieces. I think you will agree that they are so pretty, and you may even already own some postcards with her on them.

You may find additional information about her on the internet, but I found a one-time blog post particularly informative, and you can read it here.

I love these and thought that they will make
some lovely Valentine Day's and spring, or Easter,
greeting cards...

These Christmas cards are stunning, I think.
Of course, I love the sepia-toned variety...

...but the hand-tinted ones,
with just a trace of color,
are also so lovely...

A real collector of post cards probably wants those
of the mint variety, with no writing on the back,
but I am partial to ones where I can see the
postmark and stamp,
not to mention the beautiful handwriting of those
who lived so long ago...

Though in the past I have not been a fan of some of the
Edwardian postcards because I thought the children
looked too "posed" and the coloring too fake,
this season I revised my opinion of some of them,
and treated myself to these few as a Christmas present to myself.

Have you bought anything new lately for your self?
If so, what was it, and how will you use it?

As ever, thanks so much for stopping by to visit.

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  1. Dear Sue,
    Thank you so much for your kind comment on my blog.
    I hope your Christmas was a good one!
    Your cards are all so beautiful, and I agree, sometimes the children are posing too much, but what you found, are all lovely, she was a beautiful kid.I don`t know her name, but thank you for telling.
    Sue ,I wish you, too, a most wonderful new year, with good health, also for your husbond , happy hours, and lots of creating time, for you .
    Hugs, Dorthe


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