Monday, December 19, 2016

Christmas outside. Christmas inside.

Hello dear friends. I hope that you are doing well and enjoying the Christmas season. We are taking it easy this year as it was a busy and hectic year with Mr. Perch's leg. As usual, we decorated the inside of the house very minimally, but this year, right after Thanksgiving, we also did the outside in a minimal fashion since I basically had to do it all myself. Below are a few photos that I took last week or so.

We didn't put the lit garlands on the porch railings
this year.
I decided to use garden lights instead,
telling myself KISS: Keep it Simple Stupid!
I'm sure that there are those in the neighborhood
who surely think that I lost it.
I couldn't agree more...

To further antagonize those who never
want to march to a different beat,
we used the excess lighting
around this old primitive tree that we had
up in the attic and just left it on the porch
Do you want to guess if more than one
person has asked me if I needed help
standing up the tree?
I politely reply: "No, thank you."...

We put our old metal snowman from
the fifties by the steps going up to the porch...

I am a person who would father eat live
goldfish than shop on Black Friday.
I have never bought into the argument
that the good sales are only on that day.
Point proven:
Last week I went to Michael's and lots of
stuff was 70% off, and with quite a lot
of stock to boot.
I bought these lovely wooden
"Joy to the World" tags...

...and this nice wire basket,
with the fabric Noel painted in grey...

...although the fabric Noel was originally red, as seen below.
No problem, I just painted the letters grey with cheap
Walmart chalk paint.
At 70% off $19.99, who can go wrong?...

In that drastically reduced stash I also bought this
beige knit stocking, topped with fur,
and coordinating throw pillows, not seen
here, but I use them on the black rockers.
Also the twiggy heart below.
The greenery was also on sale...

Of course, I couldn't resist taking a winter
 photo of the back yard.
Not for any decorating reasons, but because our lawn is
back to being pretty and green,
thanks to our yard crew who did an outstanding job
of reseeding it this fall after we lost practically the whole
thing this summer while the Mister was in the hospital and the
sprinkler system let go...

But the best view of all is Mr. Perch,
for the first time since early August,
standing on his "own two legs" in front of
the fireplace last Friday after we got home
with his new leg...

What a wonderful sight to see!!

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