Tuesday, March 14, 2017

No creating in my creative space...

Hello friends.

Where have I been? Well, after my recent greeting card creation frenzy, I decided that there was so much junque all over my studio that it was time for a tidying up. There was no room to work with...

...photos and papers all over the bed...

...and scraps of papers, laces, and
embellishments all over the
work table and floor...

So, I decided that I was not going to make another thing
until I cleaned up at least part of the room.
Now there is nothing on the bed except (temporarily)
 the two new totes that will store materials for
"cards and journal-making"
"fabric collage"...

Now my work table is cleared off enough
to complete an assemblage piece
that I started awhile ago to bring to
The Wren's Nest.
It's about time I finished it since we hope
to go up next month...

What really took a lot of time was organizing
my scrapbook paper bins into various

...not to mention my cardstock bins,
now organized by color...

Who knows, maybe I'll even get my desk organized one
of these days (though it has looked worse!)...

OK. So now I would make some creative time,
except I am too tired from all of the cleaning.
I do, however, have a hankering to create a garden journal,
even though I don't really journal myself.
Kind of in a junk journal, shabby chic kind of style!
What better way to use up all of the
that I just put away!!


  1. Wow what a big studio you have Sue, it looks wonderful there, cleaned or not cleaned, lol- I love all your bins filled with papers and things! looks really great and organised now, wish it was here, lol- Enjoy it while it lasts , dear :-) xox

    1. Thanks Dorthe. It is a nice size, but the bigger the room the more cluttered it gets. One of these days I will pare down some! Hugs!


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