Saturday, September 9, 2017

A hurricane and a junk journal entry...

Hello friends. It has been awhile since I posted. Since my last post we managed to get a few days up at the Wren's Nest, but didn't get to do much since Hubby had picked up a nasty stomach bug and we cut our trip short. We hope to go back soon.

Hurricane Irma is on her way up to Florida and ready to soon hit the southwest portion of the state as a Category 3, right where my entire family two children and their spouses, my four grandchildren and my aging dad. My daughter picked up my dad this morning so that he can tough out the storm with them. I am praying for them and everyone else that has already been, and will be, impacted by this storm. And I am also still throwing in a some prayers for those in Texas who were devastated by Harvey.

I actually had the following photos ready to post before we went on our trip, but didn't have the time to do it, so in an effort to get my mind off the stressful stuff mentioned above, I am going to share them now.

I have been following a few YouTube channels done by junk journal artists, and one of them, The Innkeeper's Journal, is hosting a giveaway of one of her journals. I intended to post about it here earlier, but didn't have the time getting ready for our trip. Sue is an amazing artist. You can see her blog here, and on it you can watch her post to her YouTube channel.

Here I will share the photos of the four pages that I submitted. I'm sure that anything I do will not compare to what the "pros" have sent in, but I still had fun doing it. I don't have time to write much more today, so lucky for you this will be photos only!

First page...

...which had this tag insert on the side...

Center two pages...

Tags that were inside right page...

...and reverse side of the tags...


Fourth page with a booklet in pocket at top...

The booklet...

...and some of its pages...

The back page without the booklet inserted...

Thanks for joining me!

Have a great evening.


  1. Dear Sue, I hope for you , your family are all safe , and their homes , too. It is terrible watching all the areas totally spoiled by Irma !!
    So lovely to see your beautiful pages,- filled with romance and sweetness , I hope for you, there will be time for more creating, soon.
    Hugs Dorthe

    1. Thank you Dorthe. My family fared well as did their homes. Thank goodness. As always, thanks so much for coming by! Hugs to you.

  2. So happy to hear that your family and their homes remained intact, breathing a sigh of relief for you and yours!! beautiful pages!! x

  3. Hello dear Sue, it's been way too long since I last visited you! I'm glad to read in your comments that your family fared well, such a devastating storm!
    Your book is so gorgeous!! I love that sweet detail of the swirling stitched line. And the beautiful warm colours you used makes for a heartwarming book. Sending you big hugs and wishing you a beautiful day! xx

  4. Hi Sue, I haven't been well and couldn't keep up with blogging and visiting blogs. I am just returning from hibernation. Your book is gorgeous! I love the decorative stitching you've done, and the muted colours like a faded garden. So beautiful! I hope 2018 is a happy and creative year for you. Love and hugs,
    Jesse XXX

  5. Dear Sue, I hope all is well? Have missed seeing you and and your art, & I'm hoping it is just the business of life that has kept you away? Can't seem to e-mail you so I thought I would leave you a message here~ Blessings to you, Karen


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