Saturday, August 19, 2017

Bearded iris, a messy studio, and junk journal pages...

Remember me? 

Friends, our summer has taken an unexpected turn, so I will apologize now for neither looking at nor commenting on your blogs, and for not paying much attention to mine.

Just when Mr. Perch was doing so well with his prosthetic leg, he ended up getting a pin-head sized sore at the bottom of his tibia just where his leg was amputated. After two trips to the emergency room (you may remember why we run scared of wounds that don't heal), and visits to several of his doctors, it was determined that at least there was no infection. Since every time he put on his leg the sore would reopen, he was finally told to keep it off until the sore healed and a new and different kind of prosthesis could be made. This has been going on since just after Memorial Day, so in the meantime we missed out on our trip to Florida to visit my family and to Massachusetts to visit his. Not to mention that The Wren's Nest is becoming a distant memory. In any case, the magical new leg is supposed to be ready next week. We can only dream that it will solve the problem of the mysterious-tiny-sore-that-will-not-heal!! Enough of THAT!

So, what have I been doing with all of my "at home time"? Cooking, cleaning, gardening, and a little art is pretty much it.

Last week my annual haul of bearded iris starts arrived. I ordered them in April from a company that I had seen through Pinterest, and was totally thrilled. I ordered ten plants, and they threw in another four as a bonus. The bonus plants' selling prices were more than I paid for the ones I actually ordered, so they have my vote as a great company to deal with. The company is Stout Gardens at Dancing Tree and you can find them here. They are in Oklahoma City.

Below is a photo of the plants that I received, 
right before I put them in soil-filled pots 
 where they can root a little 
before the voles have a chance to meet them! 
Lovely, healthy plants were these!

So, after cleaning up my art space a few months
ago, I am happy to report that it's back to
its original form... 

...mostly because
I have still been working on one of my
junk journals,
adding a few pages here and there...

 I can't seem to find anything I'm looking for.
Perhaps I should just organize things a bit again. 
Ya think?!


I hope that you're having a wonderful weekend!


  1. Oh Sue, I`m sorry to hear that your husbond have such a fight ,with a new wound , where the prosthesis meet his leg, so sorry you could not go meet family . I really hope this new one , will fit properly, so there will be no more wounds, dear.
    I love your room--mine looks the same, and it would be good to go through all boxes, here, to , to be able to find and organise :-) Love your journal pages, and the pocket you created, there.
    All the best wishes,
    Dorthe, xx

    1. Thanks, Dorthe, for your kind words. I'm glad that I am not the only one with a messy workspace. I started cleaning it up today, but haven't gotten to far. Oops! Hugs!

  2. Hi Sue, I was hoping the lack of posts was because you and Hubby were off enjoying yourselves. So sorry to hear of his set back. Nothing ever goes smoothly, does it? I'm keeping you both in my thoughts and look forward to seeing more of your lovely work soon. Peace and Blessings

    1. Thank you so much Lesley! As always, it's great to hear from you again. I hope all is well on your side of the pond. Peace and blessings to you too! XO

  3. Hello Sue, I wondered what you were up to as I do so love your art and your blog. How are you and Mr Perch doing? I love seeing messy studios with work in progress. Yours looks wonderful. Wish I could drop in to visit for a cuppa! Sending big hugs,
    Jesse XX


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