Sunday, December 22, 2013

Little Christmas Decorating Touches and Practically Free!

Seasons greetings! I hope that you are almost ready for Christmas. I haven't been able to post much with my dad here, but you're probably busy yourselves with little time to read blogs!

Because I didn't have a lot of time to decorate after Thanksgiving, I decided to keep it simple. I also decided to keep it cheap! Most of my decorating items were things that we already have, so I won't bore you with the repetitive details of that, but here are a few small and recently acquired things that I placed around the house.

 Our little addition this year is the wicker doll carriage
that you see below. We purchased it for about $15
at a going-out-of-business sale in a small shop in Flat Rock, NC
when we were up at Birdsong. It was really trashed as they
had it sitting outside, but sweet Mr. Perch put it back together
and gave it a coat of spray paint so that we could bring it
inside for Christmas...

This morning I decorated the covered glass bowl that
often sits on our dining room table (purchased a couple
of years ago from Pottery Barn).
You may or may not know that the bird and nest
that you see in the center of my blog banner were actually
sitting in this bowl when I took the photo that appears
in the banner.
This morning I removed the bird, nest and moss,
filled it with some silver ornaments and decorations,
and inserted copies of old Santa photos from my
collection. I copied four pictures, and glued them
in pairs back-to-back so that you would see them
from all sides.
Cost: Nothing!

And above it hangs our chandelier,
dressed in some simple artificial greenery,
purchased at Michael's for 50% off.
Last year I think we still had our crystal chandelier
hanging, and could not decorate it.
For this one, we cut apart the clusters of
greenery that are meant to put in a pitcher,
and just laid them above the arms of the chandelier...

I don't think that I've ever shared photos of our master
bedroom, mainly because it is not my favorite room in
our house.
Hubby purchased the bedroom set new just prior to
meeting me. It is nice furniture, but more in the craftsman
bungalow style. We will be shortly redecorating more in
tune with our farmhouse preference,
but in the meantime all I did in here was to add the snowflake
ribbon through the spindles on the headboard
(ribbon purchased for 50% off at Michael's),
the stockings, which we already had,
and new shams, chenille pillows, and the plaid throw
(all purchased at Target for cheap).
The "jingle" burlap pillow was purchased
at the craft show that my neighbor and I went to
up in Hendersonville for about $20.
After the New Year, I will take down the stockings, 
and flip the "jingle" pillow to the reverse side,
which shows French script. 
Voila! A winter theme to take us to spring! 

The fabric reindeer were also purchased at Target. 
I think that they were about $20 each.
I splurged a little more on the bedroom 
because I never did much in the way of Christmas decorating
in here before! 

Our friend and neighbor from Hendersonville is coming for a
few days this week to celebrate Christmas with us,
so here is the upstairs guest room,
with just a touch of Christmas.
I also put up a small feather tree in here,
and some decorative things on the night stand,
all stuff that we already had
(not shown in this picture).
Again, simple simple simple!

And in the upstairs guest bathroom
I wanted to do something neutral, simple and quiet,
so in addition to some Christmas-themed bath towels,
I couldn't resist buying this collage frame at Kohl's for 60% off.
It is shabby painted metal, and was the perfect ticket for holding
copies of more of my old Santa photos.
Since the shower curtain and walls are beige,
and I used beige and brown Christmas towels,
I didn't want to go with too much color.

And last but not least, my little studio tree.
One of Miss Phoebe's relatives watches down.

I won't have much time to post now until after the holidays, so I wish you a wonderful season with many blessings!


  1. Hi Sue
    Thanks for sharing your Christmas images with us. I love that you are keeping it simple - that's my style too! Love your beautiful glass bowl filled with baubles and pics as well as your fabric reindeers - they are gorgeous!
    Have a special and peaceful time in all the simplicity Christmas can be.

    1. Thanks Suzy! And the very same to you! Hugs back, Sue

  2. Hi Sue, Your decoration is lovely. The doll carriage was a sweet find and your vintage Santa photos are wonderful. I also love those fabric reindeers.
    Merry Christmas to you and your hubby! Enjoy the holidays!

    1. Hi Julia! Thank you for your compliments! May you and yours have a wonderful holiday also! XO

  3. Hi Sue, I hope you and and your family have a wonderfu Christmas and a peaceful and fulfilling New Year

    1. Hi Lesley! Many thanks for your wishes. I hope that you and DH have a wonderful time at your pub and that he is feeling much better by now! Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year to you both! XO

  4. Hi dear Sue,
    wishing you and yours a magical Christmas and a wonderful 2014.
    Your decoration is lovely.
    Christmas hugs,

  5. Hi Marie! I wish you and yours the very same! Christmas hugs back to you!

  6. Such beautiful Christmas touches - some how I missed this post...but I am quite smitten with what was created. :) Lovely home!


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