Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sunsets and Sadness

"Sunlight and shade; rich gold that dulls to grey"---George Weatherly

Hello friends, and greetings from Florida! We arrived here on Thursday and did a lovely early Christmas with my daughter's family. (My son was down in Key West for a wedding, so we will see him after the holidays when we bring my dad back.) It was so great seeing them and how my grandchildren have grown.

When we were just outside of Tampa the other night I couldn't resist snapping a few photos (one shown above) of the most beautiful and unusual sunset that I've ever seen. It almost looked like the sky was upside down. My cell phone doesn't shoot the best pictures, but I couldn't reach my camera. I am also posting today on this phone.

The sunset made me think about the anniversary of the deaths of all of those innocents in Newtown, CT last year. My thoughts are with their families.

Have a wonderful day!


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