Friday, December 6, 2013

Some fabric collage in the works (I hope!)...

Greetings from The Perch!

Last week I pulled together some fabrics, laces, and trims, hoping for some divine inspiration. I figured that if I stared at some pretty things sitting on the bed in my studio long enough, they might magically assemble themselves into some incredible collage pieces. Well, most of it is still sitting there, but I did loosely assemble one piece, which is now ready for stitching! I also tried a new method for transferring photos onto fabric, which worked great and is so much cheaper than buying those fabric transfer sheets. I will share the method with you on a future post.

Between trying to prepare for Christmas, and getting ready to drive down to Florida next week to do an early Christmas with my family and then bring my dad back here for the holidays, there will not be much time for art, but a gal can dream!

Here is a glimpse of the pretties that I've been looking at...

Hmmm...I wonder what the theme of this project is going to be?

Have a wonderful and creative day!


  1. Lots of inspiration in that stash...but I do think I detect a "theme" here! :)

    1. I'm still just "staring" at it. Fancy that, my friend!! XO

  2. Hello Sue
    You do have such a lovely collection of collage materials there and images too. Look forward to the end result!
    Do have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy Festive Season.
    Sorry for not always being able to visit this year!

    1. Hi Suzy! Thanks so much for stopping by! I know that you've had a busy and trying year. I hope that you have a wonderful holiday season, and that the New Year brings you much joy! XO


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