Monday, July 20, 2015

Inspiration in Old Papers

Good morning my friends!

Before we went to Birdsong this last time, I had ordered and received some stacks of old papers. They were from a few different Etsy sellers, all aged to perfection, and in my book, just lovely to look at. I haven't yet had time to go through all of the pages in each set, but a quick flip-through when I got ready to take these photos gave me an idea of what was in store. Most were random picks by the sellers, but so far I love them.

How bad could these be if one of the dictionary
pages included a raven
(think Halloween!)...

Some good book pages that also offer
some inspiration...

Another group of dictionary pages.
Do you suppose it is providence that one 
of them shows "perch" at the top?
(Think Miss Phoebe!)...

Random pages of sheet music...

I love these interest tables.
 Cool stuff from the days before computers...

So, I couldn't resist the 25 LARGE pages of railroad register
from the Long Island Express from the early 1900's.
The fact that I grew up on Long Island 
is besides the point! ;~)...

And who can resist old paper doilies,
aged with the patina of time?...

Now, a REAL artist would have immediately used these
in some mixed media masterpiece to be envied by all,
shared it on her blog for all to Pin,
and then put it in her Etsy shop for an outrageous price.

As for me, 
I guess I'll just stare at them while I ponder what to create with them.
Who said that I was a real artist anyway?

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