Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Fabric Collage: "When I'm All Grown Up"

"When I'm all grown up,
come what may,
I'll build a boat
to carry me away."

Hello there! I hope that you're having a great day.

In some of my earlier posts I mentioned that I started collecting pieces of cutter quilts (old quilts that have passed their prime and can no longer be used for their original intended purpose due to shattering, stains, and so forth.) They are so beautiful in their own right and we crafters appreciate the work that went into them, so we have started finding other purposes for the portions that are still usable. My purpose was to incorporate some of them into fabric collages using some of my favorite vintage photos, but quite honestly, I have let mine sit around way too long. I have only used one in a fabric collage (still for sale in my Etsy shop), and one for Christmas stockings, the result which I shared in an older post. So, a few weeks back I started another. Our summer has been kind of crazy, so needless to say, it took me way too long to finish it.

Finally, here it is. Sorry that the photos are not great.

This was made with an old
sailboat quilt that used feed sack fabrics.
I thought the era of the fabrics worked well
with this old photo of a brother and sister
sitting in a sailboat in a studio setting.
Don't you just love their haircuts?

I couldn't resist adding a piece of real driftwood to the top...

...and of course some lace along the side.
I thought the lace looked like oyster shells,
so I sewed on some iridescent beads to it
to resemble pearls...

The fabric used on the original sailboat part of the quilt is at
the top of the following photo.
It is so soft and pretty.
And of course, this beautiful quote was just the ticket.
I also added a piece of beach netting to the bottom...

The piece is backed with the same vintage
blue feed sack fabric that you see on the
waves at the bottom, 
and came from my small stash
of feed sack fabrics...

This has been listed in my Etsy shop,
though I will need to close my shop
 on Thursday evening for vacation.
We will be headed up to the mountains,
but I'm sure that it will be there for awhile!

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Simply lovely, dear Sue. Have a wonderful vacation.

  2. Such a beautiful way collaging these precious old quilt pieces.
    Simply,love it and the fact that it looks so understated!

    1. Thanks Suzi! Coming from you that compliment means so much!


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