Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Finding Great Silky Fabrics

Hello and happy Wednesday!

We are still pretty busy with "spring chores" around the old homestead, so I have only had time to put a few fabrics together hoping that I will soon have some real creative time.

I have been wanting to do some "fancy cowgirl"
art for quite some time now,
so decided to use some silky pretties...

...with these rugged-looking cowgirls, 
mostly because you wouldn't normally
picture them together...

I especially love the piece of organza
with the fancy cowgirl boot on it...

The source for this,
and the sage green silk with the leaves on it
is an eBay shop, Prism Silks, found here.
I have ordered many different fabrics and buttons
from this shop and it is great to deal with.

And, as long as we are on the subject of fabric
here are some other fabrics that I recently ordered...

...from this shop on Etsy, Fabrics and Trims,
and you can find her here.
She is in India and I don't have to tell you 
what gorgeous silks come from there
(think sari silk, my friends!).
Also, the shipping is pretty quick considering
the distance the goods have to travel!
Both of these shops charge
very reasonable prices for nice fat quarters
and the selection is so much better that what
you see in a fabric store.
Oh, and the best part?
No waiting on line to have several small pieces 
of fabrics cut!


I hope that you are having a great week!


  1. Hello dear Sue
    I am such a fabric geek that, of course, I love all of these soft and sweet fancy fabrics including the Dupion silks -these are amongst my favorites too that I work with.
    Look forward to the finished piece.
    Thanks for your kind words about moving - there comes a time when the choice has to be made sadly but the memories of this garden will be forever in our hearts.
    xox Suzy

    1. Hi Suzy. I love those Dupioni silks too. Some of them have a sheen that is one color one way, and another color the other way. The thickness is just right for fabric art. They look so beautiful when combined with laces! Hugs!

  2. Hi Sue,
    You have been sharing some of my thoughts! as I too have been pondering a Cowgirl piece for quite some time: ) Just can't seem to get there. I love your starting 'mood board' and am excited to see the results my friend~ Thanks for sharing! Karen O

    1. Thanks Karen! I guess all us wild cowgirls think alike!! Have a great weekend!

  3. Dear Sue, This cowgirl collage will end up stunning I`m sure, seeing the lovely old photo, and gorgeous materials. The things you have bought are all so wonderful, the silks, too, what a lovely thing to feel in your hands, I can almost , feel the softness, myself, :-)
    Dorthe, xxpp

    1. Thanks Dorthe! I know what you mean. I love the feel of those silky fabrics. I used to use more cotton prints, but am now drawn to these pretties! Have a great weekend! XXOO back to you!


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