Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Rhinestone Cowgirls and Straight Shooters

Good morning friends. A while back I showed you a glimpse of some cowgirl fabric collages that I had started to put together, and am happy to say that I have finally completed them! They are companion pieces of sorts, since I used bits of the same fabrics on each. Don't you find it so much easier to create a couple of pieces when you don't have to keep choosing fabrics and embellishments over and over again?

The fabrics that I used absolutely don't in any way go with the photos, but I thought it would be fun to experiment a little with the unexpected. I hope that you like them!

The photos used on both pieces were old RPPCs from
the early 1900s. 
I assume that they were souvenir or prop photos.
I copied them onto fabric, as usual!
For each of them I collaged everything onto muslin. 
I incorporated various vintage fabrics:
velvet, silk, dupioni,
chiffon, and sari silk.
I then added vintage laces, 
and small pieces of sequined sheer fabric
from an old flapper dress.


To this one I added a rhinestone button onto a small crocheted
These ladies look like they would have worn anything in the
world but rhinestones, silk and lace!
Still, I couldn't resist...

The sequined flapper dress piece goes along the right 
side of the photo...

To the bottom I added a portion of a vintage doily,
which I embellished with a vintage button to match the flapper 
dress trim...

The hanger is made of coordinating sari silk tied in a bow...

For these straight-shootin' gals,
I pretty much used the same materials,
but in a different way.
These ladies were  far more comfortable holding
six-shooters than getting prettied up, 
but I wasn't going to let that stop me!...

But, even they deserve a little respect, 
so I gave them a wooden button instead of one with rhinestones...

The vintage silk velvet used towards the top of this one
was used on the bottom of the other piece.
It is a beautiful faded rust color...

...and the colors in the cowgirl boot chiffon that you see at
the left below dictated the color scheme of both pieces,
namely dusty rust, dusty peach, and shades of teal...

It was so much fun trying to incorporate my two favorite pieces
into this collage, namely the cowgirl boot chiffon and the sequined
flapper piece, which I have more of and will be using some time
in the future, I'm sure.

I have listed these in my Etsy shop,
which you can find here.

Have you used "the unexpected" in any of your creations lately?


  1. What a stunning piece Sue! I love the colors tones you used and embellishments. I also LOVE the dress form you have!

    1. Thanks, Nancy. I've had that dress form for 11 years. Jammed it into my then new car and scratched a section of the interior with it. Still drive that car and still love Grace!

  2. Ohh, I hadn't seen this one yet!! Such a gorgeous creation, dear Sue! Beautiful! Love the boot you added! Sending you big hugs, xx


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