Sunday, May 7, 2017

An Almost-Black Tall Bearded Iris, and an Oddity!

Happy Sunday my friends!

This weekend finds us having some unseasonably cool weather, but since I am trying to cut back all the spent Iris plants in the garden to free up airspace for the getting-ready-to-bud daylilies, I won't knock the cool air that Mother Nature has provided!

I wanted to share this beautiful Iris that I purchased from Schreiner's (you can find them here) and planted in the fall. I am so attracted to almost-black flowers, and this is such a dark purple that it is almost black, even the insides. I did actually buy a few that were labelled as really being black, but they did not bloom yet. Perhaps they will not even bloom until next year, but that is OK.

 I took these photos earlier this morning
when the blooms were still covered
with droplets from the sprinkler...

It was pretty bright outside when I took these,
so you can see just how dark they are.
At a slightly different angle,
in this photo is takes on a bluish cast...

Another close-up, looking dark purple

Sadly, my identifier stake states it is something
that I don't think it is.
Not sure if I mislabeled it, as there were 20
in my order (yes, 20!), including some freebies,
 so anything might have happened.
Who cares? I still love it!

An speaking of something that is not what I thought it would be, the photos below are of something that has leaves that look like a daylily, but blooms that certainly don't.

This was a new daylily that I ordered last spring (2016).
The label is currently hiding underneath somewhere,
but I know that I planted it as a daylily.
It has such pretty flowers but I have no idea what it is.
Perhaps something was mixed in with the daylily
start when it arrived.
Again, a very pleasant surprise,
whatever it is!...

Here is a close-up.
It has been blooming for more than a week...

So, here's to the beauty of unknown and beautiful oddities.
May you flourish wherever you are!

Thanks for coming by!

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