Monday, May 1, 2017

Beautiful Iris: What's In a Name Anyway?

Hello friends!

If you follow this blog, you know that I am pretty diligent about keeping up with tags that identify each plant in my gardens, particularly my daylilies and iris plants. However, every once in a while, I purchase a pretty addition to my garden that is a cutting from someone else's garden, sold to our local garden center, and was not identified. I can't resist buying these any more than one would refuse to adopt a cute puppy just because she didn't know his heritage. And sometimes the tags just disappear altogether.

This one was blooming at The Nest while we
were up there last week.
It wasn't doing well in our garden at home
last year,
so I divided it, left half home,
and moved a section to The Nest in
the fall.
How beautiful it turned out to be,
a pretty shade of yellow...

...with such pretty markings that are a
brownish plum...

I took this photo up close just because
the inside was so beautiful...

I bought the one below yesterday at the garden
center. It only had one bloom one it,
with a couple of buds,
but is just beautiful and very mature
with several fans on it... I will likely divide it before putting it
in the ground this week,
and give a section to my sister-in-law
for her garden...

It is similar to the one below which
is already growing in the garden...

And, since I am partial to the blues,
I must share the one below,
also blooming in the garden here.
The identifier stake is somewhere
underneath it.
Iris tend to send their new growth outward
so often the markers tend to disappear,
and then resurface when I dig them out
to divide every three years or so...

With this kind of beauty,
unless you plan on hybridizing iris
it doesn't really matter what their names are,
now does it?!!

Have a beautiful day.


  1. Oh these are all so unique and beautiful! I love each variety you selected. I am enjoying the 94 year old neighbor's iris which are a dark shade of purple. It is pretty much all I can see while washing dishes! :-) Happy May!

    1. Happy May to you too! I hope that when I'm 94 (also my Dad's age) I love gardening as much as I do now! Thanks for coming by Nancy. XO

  2. Only the beauty matters dear Sue, and they have plenty of beauty. Such amazing shades, your new one is a queen, and the blue ones so gorgeous, too. Have a lovely weekend !!
    Dorthe, xoxo

    1. Thanks Dorthe. Hope you are having a great weekend too! Hugs!


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