Friday, May 19, 2017

Blue Morning Glories

"Morning glory is the best name,
it always refreshes me to see it."

I have always loved morning glories.
Some years back we planted seeds along the lattice
that surrounds the access to our septic system.
Who wants to look at an access point to a septic system, anyway?
They grew really well there,
and re-seeded for several years after that.
However, at the end of the summer we ended up with dead vines
covering the lattice, and they were very hard to remove.
As we changed the focus of our garden spaces,
we did away with the morning glories.

Fast forward to the present.
The arbor that we have on the side of the house needed some attention.
The two climbing roses that grew over it,
seen in this post no longer bloomed,
likely because of the lack of light over the past couple of years.
So, after deliberating for a year, we finally decided to dig them out.
They were loaded with thorns and grew very fast,
so walking under the arbor was a pain in the neck
(or should I say a thorn in my butt!),
and decided to replace them with the morning glories seen above.
I couldn't believe that we found some already grown in pots
(Lowes garden center),
and in such a beautiful shade of blue.
We have planted one on each side of the arbor.
I will let you know if they work out,
since there may not be enough sun for them either,
but if they don't, we'll try something else.

Have a great day, friends!


  1. They are truly beautiful, dear Sue, I never saw them in such a lovely blue, it is really special. I hope they will grow around the arbor for you, to get big and filled with flowers, even the darkness there. Sad the roses was not happy there !! Good luck with these adorable Morning glories . xoxo


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