Friday, June 2, 2017

A Little Bit of Creating: Two Birthday Cards

Hello to all and I hope that you are well.

We returned from The Nest on Tuesday, and I have finally caught up on my laundry chores, grocery shopping, and about everything I had neglected before we left.

We completed most of the interior trim work around the windows up there, and it is looking so much better. I will post more about that some time in the future. In a word, I am TIRED!

This month we celebrate both my daughter's and granddaughter's birthdays, so I created a couple of cards. I haven't had much creative time for more than that, I'm afraid!

This is the one for my daughter.
If it is vaguely familiar, that is because I created one
just like it for my Etsy shop.
It sold, and I really enjoyed making it,
so I made another...

Who can resist these beautiful little girls?...

Here is the inside, which was from some old scrapbook words
that I have had...

My granddaughter just made her high school varsity
cheerleading team,
so I couldn't resist making the card below.
I found this old photo on Etsy or eBay (I forget which),
and absolutely loved it.
The digital chalkboard papers are from an Etsy shop
called Kitty Papers.
I thought the 50s photograph needed some

I cut out the cheerleaders
and gave them some dimension with pop-dots.
I also glittered the letters on their sweaters,
which doesn't show up well on these photos.
Remember when cheerleaders looked like this?
I think that these were even a little before my
days in high school,
(though probably not much!!).
I didn't want to make the card too heavy,
as it will go through the mail...

The inside I did with my computer...

Lately I have been using more digital scrapbook papers than paper packs.
In a future post I will share a couple of my favorite shops on Etsy,
and what I do with the papers when I print them.

Have a wonderful weekend friends!


  1. Sue welcome home again, wonderful you achieved a lot up there .
    Love your cards, for your daughter and grandchild, both with such wonderful old images. They say so much more than new images, I think !! A lovely weekend to you. Dorthe xoxo

    1. Thanks Dorthe! I hope that you also had a lovely weekend. And have a great week to come! XO


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