Sunday, June 11, 2017

Our Yard in June

Happy Sunday my friends!

Here at Plum Tree Cottage the gardens are in full bloom with daylilies (mostly), and if you follow this blog you know how very much I love them. So, this post will be heavier with photos than it is with words! Well, maybe not.

In the spring I bought this little stone snail at our
local garden center.
You can't see it on the photo,
but his antennae are made of nails.
In him I have planted some lemon thyme,
and he sits on our table on the deck...

The garden below is in the center of our yard, and you see
the garden shed behind it.
The original garden was a small circle of daylilies
that surrounded the birdbath that you see towards the left.
It gradually expanded to a larger one over the years,
much of which I posted about on this blog.
It is now filled with daylilies and iris,
the latter of which bloomed in the spring...

Since the birdbath breeds nothing more
than mosquitoes, and had a crack in it anyway,
I filled it with dirt and placed a flower
pot on top if it.
The daylily in the pot is one that I
rescued in the fall.
It wasn't doing well in one of the outer
perimeter gardens,
so it wintered over here and is doing
quite well.
I will transfer it to the garden below in
in the fall.
In the birdbath itself I have planted
mint, where it cannot take over the rest
of my garden.
Been there, done that!...

Here is the left side of that same garden,
and you are facing the back of the yard,
including the rear border,
also filled with iris and daylilies...

Here is a view from the back of the area you saw above,
this time facing the back of the house...

And here is a long view of that whole garden...

...which up until last year was actually two gardens.
I was running out of space to plant all of my babies,
so joined the two together,
with Hubby helping me reset the concrete edgers.
There is a path between the two sections,
and we bought a sweet black iron bench to put
at the rear of the path...

The right side of this garden started out as a small herb
garden, and the little cat, mouse and bird whirligig
still resides here.
Towards the front you can see parsley.
Sage grows behind it, and wintered over from last year.
How nice!
Not seen in these photos are other herbs,
including rosemary, basil and thyme.
I love the look of herbs mixed in with flowers,
and the willy-nilly effect it gives...

In front of the whirligig,
notice the bright orange-red
daylilies in front.
These represent the fruit of my labors
back in 2012,
as they were hybridized by moi,
by cross-pollinating "Fooled Me"
with "Red Volunteer".
Five years later it is blooming profusely
and right now the star of this garden!..

Below are cone flowers on the left growing
alongside the sage.
The cone flowers are ones I bough a few
years ago in a pot from Walmart
for fall decorating.
They continued to grow nicely in the pot
in the middle of the garden,
and finally I planted them in the garden
in the fall.
I guess they like it here!...

Because I love the kind of daylilies
(spiders and unusual form) that
you will never find in the big box garden
I love the one below.
I purchased it from a local hybridizer
about five years ago.
It is called Wiggle Worm...

And what would be a tour without seeing a
couple of hydrangea.

...and Oakleaf, now at the end of its bloom period
and turning a dusky rose color...

Below is the path that divides the two sections of
the one garden.
In the fall we hope to decide what to pave it with...

Have a peaceful and relaxing day!


  1. Dear Sue,
    so many beautiful spots and flower beds in your garden. The lilies looks stunning and especially that special one you show,- also the hydrangeas are wonderful. I love your white lovely garden shed, so pretty, it is .
    Thank you for showing ,your Paradise garden !! Dorthe, xoxo

    1. Thank you dear Dorthe. I'm always so glad when you take the time to visit and leave such lovely comments. I hope you have a great week!

  2. I love, love, love your garden - so beautiful! The orange/red Daylilies are stunning. It will be interesting to see what you use to pave the path.


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