Saturday, September 29, 2012

Buttons and buckles on cards, oh my!

Hello friends. I hope you're having a great Saturday.

I guess it pays to let family and friends know about the seemingly weird items we collect for our art, even though they often look at us like we are nuts for collecting what we do. The other day Mr. Perch (aka Hubby) and I went over to his sister's for coffee. She and my brother-in-law were cleaning out some stuff and deciding what to pitch. She said she had something that she knew I would use. You guessed it! Old buttons and buckles. It seems that they belonged to his mother many years ago. She was a big crafter and he said that she had a room full of stuff at one time, unfortunately long before I came on the scene. When my sister-in-law handed me the button and buckle cards, I could barely contain my excitement! I think that they must have been display cards. Of course, some of the buttons and buckles had been used long ago, but that contributed to the charm of the cards. I have scanned these for you to look at and use in your art if you would like. For fun, I also scanned the label that was on the back of the smaller cards ("Made in England"). The larger card was from a company in NY; check out the old-timey phone number at the bottom!

I think it would pain me too much to actually use these buttons and buckles, so I guess I'll just keep them to look at as they are. I can't help but wonder where the missing buttons went. What garments did they end up being sewn on?

I hope you enjoy these. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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