Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hunting goodies....

Wishing you a happy Tuesday from The Perch! Fall is now really in the air here...cloudless blue skies and cool in the mornings, warming up a little in the afternoons to the 70's.

Yesterday the beautiful weather made me want to take a drive, so I headed out to Vintage Village in Raleigh, NC, not far from where we live. It is a grouping of cute little cottages and cabins housing different vendors who sell the most marvelous vintage stuff at very reasonable prices. It also includes SuzAnna's, which is in a large building that also houses several different sellers. If you are trying to find anything particular, this is the place to come! (Note: This is where I purchased the items in my earlier post, "Farmhousing the Kitchen".) In a future post I will share some of my more recent finds, but in the meantime I thought that you would like to see some of the pictures I took while there.

Here are two of the entrance signs down by the road...

...and some of the shops...

...and inside SuzAnna's...

I couldn't resist purchasing the little boy's
dress on the left!

Well, I hope you enjoyed the tour! Have a great day.


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