Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A trip to Michaels, and a note about Pinterest...

Good morning! Yesterday I mentioned that I went to Michael's on Sunday, so I wanted to post a few pictures of what I bought, mainly stuff that I can use in my dad's legacy book, but also a few extras. Here you go...

Some Valentine's Day decor items at 40% off.
I can also use them throughout the year in my studio,
which is decorated in whites, taupe, and pale
pink. I loved the little "Love" book that has
blank kraft pages in it...

I had a 20%-off coupon to apply to all items
not on sale, so these are some things I bought for the book,
other than the wire-wrapping booklet which is for my
future endeavor in trying my hand at making some jewelry...

A Recollections paper pad, at 40% off. I must say that
this company produces my favorite papers. (You will
see where I used some papers from their "Portobello Road"
collection in my dad's book). This one
is called "Love Letters", and I have provided you some
pictures of the papers in the pad. Many are glittery, all
are printed on kraft-type paper, and there were also a
couple of pages of lovely tags...

Aren't they beautiful?

And a note about Pinterest. I must admit that I have a serious addiction problem to this wonderful means of sharing ideas with like-minded friends. Not to mention that my pinning at night comes in handy when I'm trying to stay awake watching TV. Though I'm fairly new to the game, I have accumulated some followers that make me proud that I have pinned anything worth their time, and I likewise follow those with whom I share much.

Just as a reminder, you can link to my boards via my sidebar. I have recently added a board called "Tempting Art Tutorials" to which I have added some YouTube tutorials that I think are worthy of your time. I keep them on one of my private ("secret") boards until I have time to watch them. If I don't think they are that great, they don't make it to the new board. If they are good, I add my own comments and move them to my Tutorials board. Take a look...I think you'll find it worth the time! I still have many that I need to view, so stay tuned.

Well, that's all for now. Thanks for visiting me!


  1. Lots of great finds on your Michael's jaunt! And while I don't do pinterest anymore...I'm going to check out your tutorial section!

  2. You have some seriously awesome boards over there Sue! I could get lost!!! xo

    1. Thanks Sherry! It's amazing how you can get lost and lose track of the time while browsing. Kind of like shopping without a need for money!


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