Friday, February 15, 2013

Legacy book finally finished!!

Hello friends! Well, I finally finished the legacy book that I will present to my dad at his 90th birthday party next month. Since I have mentioned it a few times in this blog, I thought I would share some pictures with you. There are quite a few, so I won't take it personally if you decide to bow out. You may need to click on them to see better detail. I hope he likes the book!

This is the front of the book, covered with papers, ribbon,
and a Tim Holtz plate.
After I attached the title to the plate, I filled it in with Diamond Glaze.
I don't remember where I even got the rusty corner pieces
I'd had the book for awhile, but I think it was from 7 Gypsies. All of the
pages were folded over before being bound, so they formed pocket pages.
As you can see, I added ribbons to the spiral binding.

This is the inside of the front cover...

I basically used three different paper packs.
They were "Poetic Postage" from The Paper Studio,
"Love Letters" from Recollections, and "Portobello
Road", also from Recollections...

On this page I also added an old watch piece, filled
with a tiny photo of my dad and aunt, and again,
covered it with Diamond Glaze.

The picture frame around my parents in the page below
was a dimensional sticker from Marcella by Kay. Again, I
bought it a long time ago. This project gave me an opportunity
to use up a lot of old stuff that I had stock-piled!

For the page below, I continued the timeline
of the growth of my family by creating a tag, shown
in the next few pictures, that went into the pocket...

Below is a picture of that tag, along with
a picture that shows how it sits in the pocket

Since I had put a keyhole piece next to the picture
of the house I grew up in, I added
a key to the ribbon on the tag, shown in the picture

The following four pages are left empty.
They will house pictures of family and friends
that will be taken at the party. The pictures
can be mounted on the prepared pages,
with extras placed inside the pockets...

With each invitation that I sent out (see my previous
post of 1/21/13 "Well I finally finished"...)
I included one of the tags shown below and asked
those invited to write down on it at least one memory
that they had of Dad. The art stamp used
was an old one that I had from Leslie Altman,
Marks of Distinction, and the tags were stippled
with dark red ink. When I receive them back, they
will be tied with ribbons and inserted into pockets of
the book...

This is the last page, which has a pocket that
houses one of the invitations...

Shown below is he invitation slid
 out of the pocket...

The inside back cover...

The back cover. My dad gets a kick out of
the name of my blog, so I couldn't resist
putting one of my little labels on the back...


The book covers six generations of our family, from my dad's grandparents down to his great grandchildren. Though I do not consider myself a scrapbooker, it was really fun to work on.

OK. If you fell asleep, you can wake up now! I hope that you have a wonderful weekend!!


  1. This is a work of art's simply gorgeous and you have every right to be proud of what you put together. The tags sent with invitations to be included later and space for photos from the party will be the ideal finishing touches. Your father is going to be thrilled!


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