Tuesday, February 19, 2013

"Scrappy" greeting cards and some basic attempt at creativity...

Hello good friends! It's a pretty rainy day outside (I guess that's better than snow!), so I thought I would stay in and use up some of the scraps on my work table, and then clean up altogether before my trip.

Do you ever stop and think about all the art supplies that you have on hand, and then go out and BUY greeting cards? I once heard someone say that after she got involved with art stamping, she calculated that the first card she ever made cost about $300.00. Think about it. You take a few instructional classes, buy a few rubber stamps, card stock, scrapbook papers, some how-to books, stamping ink, colored pencils, markers, special glues and a bunch of other stuff. You sit down to make that first card, which probably didn't come out all that great. What did it really cost after you bought all the materials? Certainly more than any card you could buy in Hallmark. Then, after spending an hour painstakingly planning a layout for something great, you create that first card for someone you know, and then you worry that the recipient will look at it and think: "My, oh my...is she so broke that she couldn't afford to buy a card and had to make one instead?"

Along comes a time when you start to spread your wings and dip into the beautiful world of mixed media. So now you start buying (if you're anything like me) tattered lace, old buttons, vintage photos, broken door knobs, tarnished drawer pulls, vintage ledger papers and so on. Away goes the desire to make greeting cards because the time that you have to spend on art is minimal and why waste it making cards that people might not like when you can create something that is so much more "sophisticated". Besides, you can always go to the dollar store and BUY a halfway decent card for a buck. Hmmm...

Well recently I decided that I am going to start making some cards and giving them to people again. Whenever I have a bunch of papers, laces, ribbons, glue, old photo copies, etc., left over from other projects on my table, I will make up a few generic card-fronts that will fit onto a folded piece of letter-sized card stock. Then, all I will have to do is put something on the inside for any given occasion. After all, you've already got a bunch of things all matched up from the REAL project that you just finished, so half the work is done.

I actually began this process last week by making a Valentine's Day card for Mr. Perch (a/k/a Hubby), and birthday cards for my daughter-in-law and brother-in-law. I think my daughter-in-law liked hers, but imagine my amazement when not only did my brother-in-law like his, but actually hung it on his kitchen cabinet! I guess most people do appreciate that you took the time to make something special for them, even if it is a small kind of special.

Following are two I made this morning.

This is one that I think I will give to my friend
for her birthday this week...

This is the inside of the card. I enjoyed dusting off
those postal rubber stamps!...

This is the one for my dad's birthday (90th).
He has a wonderful sense of humor about aging,
often saying: "If I knew that I was going to live this long,
I would have taken better care of myself."

And this is the inside...

Here are scans of the old photos that I used...

Go ahead. Have some fun, and make someone happy!


  1. I made greeting cards for years, and sold them on etsy...did quite well with it. And I stopped about a year ago and haven't made another card since. Why? I have no answer to that, other than the creative muse up and walked away. I think about it from time to time...I'll buy some bits and pieces and think "I'll get back to this one day" -- but it's quite probable I never will. I was much like this with counted cross stitch. I did that for years and made some wonderful pieces which I gave as gifts, sold and was commissioned to do (did quite a few for auctions as well). I haven't lifted a needle in over 10 years.

    But I do love these cards you've made...they really are treasures.

    1. Sometimes I do not feel very creative. I hope you get your creative muse back! I think your writing is pretty creative, though!

  2. thanks Sue. I seem to be putting all my creativity into my writing and into decorating and designing around the house. I have a feeling though that the rest of my creativity will resurface...I feel the twinges now and then! xo

  3. Lovely cards! A couple of years ago I bought all the 'dubbins' to start myself, (mainly because a neighbour and a close friend turned out such lovely cards). However...I soon found out that glue and I are not good partners. I ended up with sparkle on my hair and face, feathers stuck in the most improbable places, and a pile of soggy cards with embellishments hanging on for dear life. I don't think Hallmark will be offering me a job any time soon. lol. So now I'm back in my comfort zone with CQ and embroidery. What a relief!

    1. Hi Lesley! I'm not so good with glue myself. Scotch Craft Stick (glue stick) seems to work the best for me. I know what you mean , though, as I have on more than one occasion glued a project onto my work table! And, yes, glitter and feathers do seem to end up in strange places! Have a great day!

  4. Sue I adore these! I love vintage photos and combined with the stamping they are oh so vintage. I hate to even think about the costs of supplies and getting started. I still want a Vagabond and they have been out for several years now - just trying to justify it. Must be my Scottish blood! ;)

    1. Thank you Nancy! I know what you mean about the cost of supplies. I bought a few things today, but mostly I'm trying to use more of what I already have. Hope you're having a great evening.


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