Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Birdsong Cottage living room: More single wide mobile home decor...

Good morning and happy Tuesday! I hope that your day is getting off to a good start.

OK! So...the reason that I am going with the Paris Grey tones on the furniture at Birdsong is because last week we purchased a couch. It will be delivered later this week when we are up there. Couches had all been on sale at Rooms to Go, and the reason we went with them (aside from their reasonably-priced furniture) is that we could order and pay for it here, but they will deliver it to our location in Hendersonville with no additional delivery charge, as they have stores all over. I would have been happy getting some beige slipcovers for the couch and chairs that came with the place, but Mr. Perch thought they smelled musty so wanted to get rid of them. I have to agree with him on that, after all, we ripped out all of the old flooring to get rid of mustiness, so why live with it on the furniture.

I thought my first choice would have been those white canvas slip covered pieces in the Cindy Crawford line, but they weren't actually very comfortable, and looked kind of sloppy. My husband hated them, and when we sat on them they were too deep and made us feel like our feet would not touch the floor when we sat back on them (we are not giant people!). So, after looking around, and seeing nothing that we really liked, we found the perfect solution. A traditional couch covered in a neutral beige tightly woven fabric (almost with a "greige" thread running through it), and beautiful throw pillows to match. Of course, I can always mix up pillows for different or seasonal looks (not to mention that I bought beautiful burlap ones in the WalMart up there for cheap!).

Grey has been in before, and it has gone out, so I don't want to cave in too much to this present trend.

Here is the couch...

And if you remember, here is the color we painted the
walls with...

And of all places to find the perfect
mercury glass lamp,
with a beautiful burlap shade
and 23.5 inches high to boot,
but in the gift area of Cracker Barrel
in Statesville, NC
on our way home last week...

Again, here are some photos of what we bought...

So do you think that all of the above will work together better than

I'm interested to hear your opinion, even if you politely disagree! Have a great day!


  1. OMG...that furniture that was there is awful!! And I'm with you -- furniture that smells musty is a no go -- you can never get rid of that unless you purge and pitch!! Love the sofa you bought and it's a lovely neutral...everything looks to be shaping up nicely Sue! (love the lamp -- Cracker Barrel often has some cool things!).

    1. Glad you agree! Cracker Barrel's shops never cease to amaze me. And they carry different stuff depending on where they are located. Funny, because generally that home-cooking food is not for me when I go out, as I can cook that at home myself. We do like to eat there while on the road, though. Do you have them in Canada?

    2. No, no Cracker Barrel here in Canada and like you, when we're on the road we usually stop there -- at least for one meal. We like it because it's fast and you are in and out -- some tea or lemonade, a salad or a sandwich and back on the road. It's a nice stop to stretch the legs and browse the store, use the restroom and carry on.

    3. That's exactly what we do!! (I have recently become addicted to their half sweet tea and half lemonade mix. Yum

  2. I think you new couch and lamp base and shade as well as your draws are going to look super all together and create a very calm atmosphere Sue!

    Thanks for your kind visit and comment!
    Enjoy the rest of your week and in the garden too!
    x Suzy


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