Friday, August 23, 2013

We went back and got the old mirror!

Good morning. Just a quick post for today!

I forgot to tell you before we left that Mr. Perch wanted to see the other dressers that I had seen at the antique store last week, so while we were running errands this past weekend we went by.

Remember these?

I don't think that he really liked this one.
It is a little fancy I think...

I liked this one better.
I think he liked it too.
But he didn't like the drawers.
If you pulled them out too far, they just fell out.
They were also very sticky.
At least we know we want to search for something
that looks like this...

But the trip was not for naught.
Remember this mirror?
We did buy it.
It will soon (hopefully!) go over the dresser
we do not yet have...

Happy shopping! I hope to see you soon.


  1. So glad you went back and got that mirror! Now that you have it, the "perfect" dresser will appear in your travels!

    1. Sitting here looking at the wall where the dresser will go. Thinking maybe a white one for the bedroom. We will probably look for something this week while we are up here!

    2. gorgeous mirror, and thank you for your visit on my blog to... have a great week end

    3. You are welcome. You have a great weekend too!


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