Saturday, August 3, 2013

Painting the vintage iron beds...

Happy Saturday!

We are leaving tomorrow for Birdsong, but I thought that you might like to see how the old iron beds turned out. My husband sanded and cleaned them, and I painted them yesterday. As it turned out, the railings were worthless, so we are going to figure out some way to use the headboards and foot boards with modern mattresses, box springs and frames. No big loss, as most of the time you don't get railings anyway.

Here are a few shots of the unpainted beds...

Here is what I used on them...

And voila!
Here they are painted...

This is the detail on the twin bed.
It looks like there were several previous coats
of paint over a lot of rust.
Oh, well, I guess chippy and old is the look
we wanted!

And this is the detail on the full-sized bed...

We hope to bring up at least the larger one next week, and will attempt to buy the mattresses while we are there. I think I know what I want to do for bedding, but that will be in a future post. Next week we hope to get the laminate flooring ordered, the new baseboards purchased, painted, and installed, and the rest of the walls painted. On the next trip up we hope to get the flooring in. There is a 7-9 business day wait to get the flooring...not what we had hoped for! 

I hope that you're having a great weekend! Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Team work! Disappointing about the railings but that's the nature of buying old/used/ can never really know what you're getting. But it all looks great! As for having to wait on the floor -- that's a bummer and it always seems like when you're ready to tackle the next project...the project has to "wait" a little longer.

    1. The railings don't upset me as much as the waiting for the laminate. It necessitates an extra trip up there now. Oops!

  2. My wife and I just had a antique bed frame painted and just realized the rails seem to be upside down like yours. What keeps the box spring in place?
    Ken Clark

    1. Hi Ken! Sorry for the delay on your answer, but we were away. I will let you know what we did via your email address. The bed rails were awful on both beds. Later tonight when my hubby is in I will have him refresh me on what we did. We did end up never using the smaller bed, but rather another one that we liked better.


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