Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Some art materials for the art I never have time to do, and Halloween is coming!

Good morning! We're getting ready to go back up to Birdsong this week, but for a quick post, here are some things to share. I am thinking of taking a few art materials up there so I have something to work on, if indeed I have any energy left at the end of each day!

At our local scrapbook store I bought these Halloween papers.
Most are from my favorite line,
which you may recall I used in my dad's legacy book, 
Lost and Found, from My Mind's Eye...

...and here are the reverse sides of those papers...

I couldn't resist these brads and chipboard elements,
also from My Mind's Eye...

And now, what are these?
Well, they are small pieces left over from the painted baseboards
that we put in up at Birdsong.
Don't you think they would be great to use as substrates
for some mixed media art pieces?
Some people even pay real money for this kind of junk
(certainly not me...HA!)
My husband thought I had lost a few screws when I told him
I was taking them home...

On the top of the pile below I have shown the reverse sides,
which have some grooves and are more raw,
since we didn't paint the backs.
What would you do with these?...

Make some creative time for yourself, even if I can't!


  1. I love the idea of taking something to Birdsong to work on --- if you have time & energy. I think of all the art materials I have here for projects I want to do and never do....but when I see things (like you did), I can't help myself and I buy more! Crazy, right?

    I had to laugh at your mister thinking you'd lost a screw or two for wanting those scraps of wood but they're great for mixed media. The backs with the holes and not fully painted...nice chippy bases for candles or find old pieces of vintage jewelry and make wall hangings..even old door knobs or the plates for the many things you could mount on these and make a collection for a grouping on a wall....what are you thinking of doing with them?

    1. I'm trying to pack today, and not getting much done with the art stuff. I am not sure of what I will make with the baseboard pieces...probably something for a mixed media wall hanging. I'm waiting for a "vision". Ha!

  2. The papers are wonderful and I can't wait to see what you create with them. Have a safe trip and a wonderful weekend.

    1. Thanks, Marie! It will be fun...I'm getting into the Halloween mood! XO


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