Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Birdsong Cottage: More adventures in single wide mobile decor...

Good morning friends! I hope that you had a great Labor Day weekend. Today I'm sharing some more pictures of Birdsong and what we accomplished while up there last week.

Here is a photo of the flooring in the living
room prior to installing the quarter round
at the bottom of the baseboards.
We love the flooring, as it looks like
something that was ripped out of an old
farm house. We also love the way it
looks against the wall color
("Mineral" by Behr, but
mixed in Glidden to save money)...

...and a view of the flooring going from the
living room into the hallway...

Below is the quarter round which I had painted while Mr. Perch
was working on the flooring...

In the picture below you can see the baseboards after the quarter
round was installed.
Also shown is the small dresser which Hubby
found while up there...

His dresser is in the corner of the bedroom
for now...

The consignment stores up there are great.
We found the small coffee table shown below.
It is an old Bombay Company piece and will
get a coat of Annie Sloan paint.
We kept it very small since the rooms are not large
in this place. We can move it around when we don't
need to use it.
Also, to the right is our new Rooms to Go couch,
which was delivered while we were up there.

Below is a table that will be used as a desk in the alcove of
the guest room. It will also be painted.
For now it is being used in the living room under the TV,
as we have not yet brought up the piece that will actually
be used in here.
YES!! We finally have TVs!!
Pardon the ugly wires.

And we bought this little table,
also to be painted.
It will ultimately be used in the corner of
the kitchen to hold the coffee pot.
Or not...

So what would I be if I didn't try to at least
have a little fun starting to decorate?
I bought two of these pillows in WalMart
for cheap. The couch came with four
beautiful pillows, but they are too "pretty"
for everyday use,
so are in the closet for now...

The following two pieces were also
bought at consignment stores...

...as was this beautiful old statuary.
Don't you think that this little boy
holding a bird is perfect for a
place called
"Birdsong Cottage"?...

...a closeup of the bird...

Now all I need up there is a garden to put him in!

Though we tend to spend most of our time up there working, we have made some time to explore towns with great antique and consignment stores. You can get some really good stuff for very low prices, so it's been fun seeing how we can decorate for as little as possible. We've also explored the restaurant scene. Because this mountain area attracts a lot of tourists and seasonal folk, the food is great. There is also a lot of free fun to be found.

Stay tuned for our story on the kitchen lighting and the beginning of the bathroom work. Thanks for visiting today!!


  1. Oh my gosh, you really HAVE made progress! Love how the floor looks and how all the pieces are coming together. Being able to decorate without spending $$$$ is so rewarding, isn't it? And the end result looks like a million bucks! :)


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