Monday, September 2, 2013

Birdsong Cottage: Our latest adventures in single wide mobile home decor...

Good morning from The Perch! We are home now, and it's good to be able to post again.

We were really busy over the last ten days putting in the flooring up at Birdsong, but I think that our hard work is finally beginning to pay off. I am posting some photos of the latest changes to out humble little getaway.

First things first.
We autographed the sub-flooring...

Mr. Perch, shown here, is putting down the moisture barrier...

Even though the laminate flooring that we used had foam backing
and didn't really need underlayment,
we put it down anyway.
For one, we wanted the extra cushioning
Secondly, we wanted extra protection against any future
mustiness, which was a huge problem when we bought
this place...

In the next photo, the planks are laid out.
Since this particular laminate had boards
of different grains and shades of color,
we wanted to make sure that it looked
natural after it was installed...

...and here is a glimpse of a section placed together.
We started in the living room and worked our way back
through the hallway and into the bedrooms.
(My husband later re-seated the living room.
Because this place is old and the sub-flooring is a little
wonky, he didn't like the way it initially looked.
You can see below where a few pieces didn't sit
properly, or match evenly, and this is now better.)

More to come in my next post! Have a wonderful day, dear friends.


  1. That was a lot of work but from what I can see, it looks great...can't wait to see it in the finished final stage!


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