Friday, September 6, 2013

Old furniture for Birdsong Cottage and the continuing single wide mobile home decorating saga...

Hello everyone! I hope that you're having a great week.

I have been really busy, so this will be a short post. What we've been up to is checking around town for some old furniture that I can "facelift" for Birdsong. Here are a couple of pictures for a glimpse of what I am currently working on. More pictures to follow in another post.

The piece below is as we bought it
from SuzAnna's at
Vintage Village.
I will reveal its purpose shortly...

...and this one we found on Craiglist
for $100, shown without the drawer
pulls, which Mr. Perch
had already removed for me...

I am currently working on both of these. More to follow in a future post! Must head out to the garage now to work before it gets too hot in there! Have a wonderful day.


  1. Have had a busy week myself and then a full weekend, so I'm catching up this evening. I love both of these pieces...can't wait to see what you are doing with them!


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