Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Taking a break from blogging...

The little boy in this picture is not the only one who is sad.
Unfortunately, a nasty virus seems to have taken hold 
of the computers in our house,
so I have not been able to post.
Due to this, life pulling me in some other directions,
and a recent nagging problem with my back,
 I will be taking a break from blogging for now.
And because it really bothers me when bloggers
just all-of-a-sudden stop posting without 
telling us why,
(especially on blogs that I love to read!),
I would not want to do that to you.
I guess all bloggers feel like this at times,
but lately I feel that posting has taken more
of my time than it should.
I am therefore going to assess the future of
Miss Phoebe's Perch,
think about where she and I are headed,
and determine exactly what I think this
blog should be about.
If you have any suggestions,
I would love to hear them!
Thanks for your support and friendship.
As ever, I'll be thinking of you!



  1. Sue, I do understand this. It happens to every person who blogs. I'm sure of that. It's change and it's progress and it's inevitable. Most of the time, in life, in every capacity, we don't end up where we started...we think we are going in a specific direction and one day we realize that we changed course, that we changed, the our tastes changed...and that's all good. Being involved with other things always gives us less time to do "everything"...and a rest and a break are most often so productive in putting everything in our lives into perspective. Enjoy the change...I have a feeling you'll be back at some point with fresh ideas, a fresh take and a renewed vigor. xo

    1. I can always count on you to lift my spirits both in this blogging world and in everyday life. I am enjoying your own new look and perhaps I will take some lead from you. Thanks again for everything, Sherry! XOXO

  2. Please I love your blog. I know I don't comment often, but basically it's because I'm disabled and communicating uses all my energy. Please don't leave us. Maybe we've been wrong by not leaving more comments, but please believe we love your blog. Stay with usBlessings

    1. Hi Lesley! Thank you so much for leaving your beautiful comment. I did not know that you were still reading my blog, and am so glad you are. People like you make it so worthwhile and I will indeed likely be back after a break. I hope you are well and having a great week. Hugs!!

  3. I find your work encourages me to try harder. I'm disabled and your blog is a way of keeping in contact with the world of craft. I'm sure there are other people who feel this way. It's just sometimes we have bad days and we can't always post a comment.That doesn't mean that we don't appreciate all the time and effort it takes to blog. Believe me, you will be greatly missed if you stop blogging.Blessings

    1. Lesley, it was so nice to read your comment. I think that it is you who encourages me. Right now I cannot post because I have no Internet access. There is something wrong with my wireless access, and we don't have time to deal with it now. I can use hubby's computer, but alas, all my photos and camera software are on my own computer, so his will not be of much help. I am using my iPad for commenting, but that's about it. We are going to the mountains next week to work on Birdsong, so I am hoping to work on the computer thing when we return. I do have a lot of photos and some things to post about, for example some creative escapades, so I will be back. Please hang in there! I would love to have your email address, though, so if you can send it to me at, I would love to say "hi" now and then. (Your email will not be made public!) XO Sue

  4. I just stopped by after reading a lovely comment you left on mine this weekend. After reading your post about needing a break, I was scrolling along admiring your mottled green background paper with the botanicals and sweet bird with egg when I was pleasantly surprised and humbled to find my blog on your sidebar blog roll.

    I hope you get your computer back up and running soon, and return to blogging after a peaceful time of rejuvenation.


    1. Thanks, Judith! I found your blog after reading about your lovely peat pots on Dawn's blog, The Feathered Nest, the other day. Instead of "following" blogs that I think my readers might be interested in, I put them on my sidebar to "share the wealth"' so to speak! Many thanks for stopping by.

  5. Hello Sue,
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on blogging. Seems as though many of us are feeling the same way. Thanks for your comments and encouraging words. I think you have a lovely blog and I look forward to seeing what you post about next....that is whenever you are ready.


  6. Hi Sue,
    hope you won't be gone too long:) Enjoy your break.

    1. Thanks, Marie! I will return as soon as I can get my internet back on my PC. This iPad is OK for commenting, but doing actual posts on it is a pain. My blog break is good, but I miss posting! XO


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