Monday, May 12, 2014

A wheelbarrow full of daylilies and a smattering of fabric collage...

Hello friends! I hope that you had a great Mother's Day Weekend. Mine was very nice.

We live in a restricted subdivision, and Mr. Perch is on the Homeowners' Association Board. Saturday he and his group spent a good portion of the day digging out two established crepe myrtle trees and moving them to another location near our ball field. They had also planned on moving some old daylilies, but after finishing with the trees they decided that the daylilies were not worth the work, and wouldn't be properly cared for anyway, so our HOA President said that my neighbor and I could split them (her hubby is also on The Board). Needless to say, we jumped on this opportunity! Free plants are always a perk for me!

So, here is our wheelbarrow filled with the
How many plants do you think are in here?

Would you believe only three?
They were rather large lovelies!
Large though they are, 
I will not split them this year...

I planted them down by the gazebo,
and after that, I took a walk around the yard
to see what else was blooming. 
I love this time of the year because each
day brings an ever-changing show.

There was a lovely peony
( I think it is a Bowl of Beauty)....

...a Firebreather Bearded Iris.
This is the first year this one bloomed,
and it was from a lowly Walmart root...

These are the little pink roses that grow on
our arbor. 
They are so pungent that you can pick up
their sweet scent wherever you walk in
the yard...

This is a peony that I put in last year when I started developing
the gardens flanking the path to the gazebo. 
Only one bloom this spring, but I was awestruck 
by the faint coloring on this little pretty...

And this one is also sweet. 
It is a White Wings Peony...

And any worthwhile photographer would
be ashamed to show you the photo
 of  the Knockout Rose
pictured below.
The lighting on this one is way off,
but I think it's got its own charm...

And, really, I am STILL trying to complete
my fabric collage projects sometime before 
I'm too feeble to make it to the sewing machine.
Stand by on this one!

Bits and pieces of my gardens.
Bits and pieces of my art. 
My, wouldn't it be lovely to see something from me in its entirety? Maybe next time, my friends.

Have a great evening!!


  1. ohmyGOODNESS!!! Sue, your blooms are so very beautiful!! Seems like good things are happening all around you. And your collage is just gorgeous! I know I've been gone for awhile but I so hope you are doing good ~ sending you hugs and love, Dawn

    1. Hi Dawn! Thank you so much for the kind words. I'm so glad you had a minute to stop by. I hope that all is well with you and your family. Hugs and love back atcha! XO


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